• Treatment of common cold with folk remedies

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      Folk methods of treating the common cold quickly restore nasal breathing.

      Rhinitis is one of the most undesirable processes that occur in the body, regardless of the season.

      In its treatment, not only medical products, but also a lot of effective folk remedies are of special demand.

      Causes and symptoms of rhinitis ^

      Rhinitis or rhinitis is a painful condition caused by inflammation and swelling of the mucous membrane of the sinuses of the nose. The main symptomatology of the common cold is as follows:

      • Constant nasal congestion;
      • Impairment of breathing;
      • Discharge from the nasal sinuses of clear or purulent mucous fluid;
      • Sensation of tickling and burning in the nose.

      Painful symptoms of the common cold are often accompanied by a decrease in working capacity, deterioration of well-being, sleep disturbance and headache.

      Rhinitis is divided into three types:

      • Acute rhinitis. Occurs during ARVI and ARI;
      • Allergic rhinitis. The causes of its appearance are various allergens: home or street dust, down, wool, domestic animals, flower pollen and others. Additional symptoms of an allergic form of the cold are tearing and sneezing;
      • Chronic rhinitis. A very long inflammatory process that occurs most often as a result of incomplete treatment of an acute form of the common cold or a prolonged exposure to various stimuli.

      Folk treatment of the common cold provides a variety of wellness recipes, including herbal drinking, washing, inhalation, warming and various home-made drops.

      The main advantages of folk remedy for the common cold are:

      • All the necessary ingredients are easily accessible at home;
      • Virtually no contraindications;
      • The treatment of people with side effects has been reduced.

      Fast and effective treatment of the common cold at home: folk recipes ^

      Effective treatment of the common cold with folk remedies.

      Folk remedies for quick treatment of the common cold have a more mild effect on the nasal mucosa than drugs and show effective results in the near future. Among the most popular folk recipes for the treatment of rhinitis are the following:

      • Vegetable juices - potato, carrot, beet and onion;Propellis and honey;
      • Homemade plants - Kalanchoe, Aloe, Altei;
      • Herbal preparations - chamomile, calendula, licorice, oregano and others;
      • Garlic;
      • Oils - menthol, sea-buckthorn, mackerel;
      • Table salt.

      Treatment of a runny nose in adults

      Folk treatment of the common cold for adults combines a variety of methods that facilitate the rapid alleviation of painful symptoms.

      One of the most effective traditional methods of treatment is the washing of the nasal sinuses with various solutions. The most common washing aids include salt baths and herbal infusions. In addition, it is advisable to combine the washing with inhalations and night warming of the legs, but under normal temperature conditions.

      Treatment of a common cold in children

      Treatment of a common cold in children with the help of folk remedies is recommended after the age of 3 years. In the treatment of pediatric rhinitis, in contrast to the adult, it is necessary to carefully approach the chosen remedies in order not to damage the delicate mucous membrane of the nose. For children, it is advisable to use the following curative methods for fighting cold:

      • Warm legs with mustard compresses and salt trays;
      • Inhalations with fir oil, potatoes or herbal preparations;
      • Use of vegetable juices, honey and oils( sea-buckthorn, fir, eucalyptus, vegetable) as a burial in the nose.

      Treatment of common cold with folk remedies during pregnancy

      Popular treatment of the common cold in pregnant women requires a very careful approach, since during this period the main task is not to harm the baby's health. The folk remedies most suitable for future mothers from rhinitis are:

      • The use of hot vitaminized drinks - herbal infusions with honey, broths of dogrose, berry compotes;
      • Use as a drop of recipes with beet, onion and garlic juice, oils, calanchoe, aloe and honey;
      • Massage of nasal sinuses;
      • Thermal inhalation from herbal collections, essential oils of tea tree and menthol.

      Thermal night treatments are strictly prohibited during pregnancy.

      Treatment of an acute cold with folk remedies

      Traditional medicine includes many recipes to help get rid of colds. Here are the most effective and popular ones:

      • Chamomile, calendula or eucalyptus leaves in the volume of a tablespoon pour boiling water( 200 ml) for 20 minutes. The received warm infusion to use as a nose wash up to 4 times a day;
      • Tea, brewed with raspberries and lemon;
      • Red beet juice mixed with honey 5: 2 and used as a drop of one 3 times daily.

      Treatment of chronic cold

      Folk treatment of chronic cold offers the following folk recipes:

      Nasal congestion

      • In warm boiled water of 200 ml add seven drops of iodine, ch.l.salt and stir well;
      • Herbal infusion - tsp.leaves calendula or eucalyptus pour 300 ml of boiling water for 20-30 minutes.

      Foot warming

      • Mustard must be covered in socks and not removed during the day, or at night to attach to the soles of the feet special mustard applications.

      Treatment of an allergic rhinitis with folk remedies

      As a first aid in the allergic form of rhinitis salt or lemon juice( 1: 1 juice and water) is used, which will perfectly clean the nasal mucosa from irritating allergens.

      To eliminate edema of the nasal mucosa with an allergic rhinitis it is useful to resort to inhalation from medicinal herbs:

      • Seven tablespoons of a mixture of mint, chamomile, oregano, lime color pour a liter of boiling water and bring to a boiling point.
      • After that, you should insist decoction of herbs for 20 minutes and add 3 drops of ethereal mint or eucalyptus oil.

      Treatment of the common cold aloe

      The juice of this unique plant has a tonic, bactericidal and detoxifying properties.

      • To use aloe as a treatment, it is necessary to dig in the squeezed juice several times a day, two drops in each sinus of the nose.

      Treatment of the cold of the Kalanchoe

      Kalanchoe is a medicinal plant with bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties that will perfectly help to relieve the symptoms of rhinitis and accelerate recovery.

      • With a cold, the Kalanchoe juice is buried in the nose two drops 2-3 times a day.

      Treatment of runny nose with garlic

      • Garlic juice can be used as nasal drops only in diluted oils, honey or juice form.
      • The most popular recipe for garlic drops for the treatment of a runny nose is the following - sea buckthorn oil and garlic juice should be mixed in equal proportions and buried in the nose up to 4 times a day daily.
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      Useful tips on how to relieve and normalize nasal breathing ^

      For the relief and normalization of nasal breathing, we recommend the following medical advice:

      • Avoid overcooling;
      • Use a clean handkerchief when extracting the mucous membrane from the nasal cavity;
      • Avoid places containing allergens - animal aggregation, dry air, dusty rooms and so on;
      • Regularly clean the nose with a wash or a cotton swab;
      • Take vitaminized drinks;
      • Do not allow cooling feet.