• Acne: photo, causes and treatment at home

    What it is? Bold or combined skin type, clogging of pores with septic fungi, and simply aggressive environmental factors, among which the role of dust and sun is of special importance for the formation of acne, all this activates the production of acne and gums that damage the appearance of the skin, depriving it of radiance and healthy relief.

    Cosmetologists are convinced that acne is characterized by the presence of seborrhea, comedones and red abscesses.

    Acne is prone to appear on those sites where a large number of sebaceous glands are observed. This phenomenon is inflammatory, but in some cases it may be absent. Cosmetologists are sure that acne appears in adolescence, but there are cases of acne in adults.

    The main elements in the occurrence of acne are papular and pustular acne, as well as comedones and cystic formations. In order to get instant results, this process needs to be approached in a comprehensive and individual way.

    What causes acne

    What causes acne, and what is it? Age changes that occur with the skin are the most "popular" cause of acne, and all cause is hormonal failure or changes that occur in the deep layers of the skin. The hormonal splash provokes the formation of acne due to a surge of steroid hormones. The appearance of male hormones at a young age is produced in full.

    In the event that a teenager experiences stress, the occurrence of chemical reactions increases by an order, due to which the sebocytes, being secretory cells, start to be assiduously developed. As for the "adolescent" fat, it becomes more viscous and has a dense texture. Take note that it is the micro-medones that do not allow the products of decay to be removed to the surface of the skin.

    The intensive multiplication of microbes begins, the location of which falls on the hair follicles or sebaceous glands. If the indicators go off scale, then acne is not a rare visitor.

    Accumulated bacteria provoke the onset of inflammation, and then the formation of an abscess. However, at some point the accumulated fluid stimulates the rupture of the hair follicle.

    Physicians have long found out that acne can also be formed at the genetic level. In other words, each person inherits not only a luxurious head of hair, but also a hormonal background and even all possible skin defects. That is why at the initial stage of the examination it can be firmly asserted that the cause of acne is hereditary predisposition.

    During the final phase of the menstrual cycle, the level of hormones increases significantly. In 69% of girls, acne occurs during the period of menstruation.(see how to call up monthly)

    GI problems can also cause rashes and pustules. Thus, cosmetologists are convinced that the occurrence of sebum directly depends on what you eat. More chances of "sprinkling" in those who abuse carbohydrates and feel a sharp deficit of amino acids and the necessary vitamins.

    To less popular reasons for the appearance of acne can be attributed to an individual flora, which poses a danger to the health of the skin. Thus, the flora is represented by a number of fungi, a variety of mites and propionibacteria. In the event that they behave calmly, the pimples will not bother you with their appearance.

    Stress also damages the skin, undermining the immune system. In this case, it is necessary to choose the innovative method of Elos, which has no side effects.

    Acne Symptoms

    Acne is an open and closed comedo, as well as knotty formations. Closed comedones are not inflammatory formations that are distinguished by the presence of white. The accumulation of secretions in the pores provokes the appearance of open comedones, which have a surface of black color. As a rule, the places of congestion are identical - the chin and forehead.

    With the accumulation of secretions, papulo-pustular acne develops, and in more acute forms - cystic formations.
    Papulent formations are elevations that are characterized by the presence of a tubercle that rises above the skin. Color - red - blue. They provoke the appearance of uneven skin and the development of pustules.

    Pustular acne is characterized by a painful purulent content. Consistency - soft, pimples themselves not more than 4 mm. It is noteworthy that such formations heal quickly, leaving no traces.

    Take on the armament that the development of inflammation leads to the emergence of nodes and cysts, which are infiltrates, located in the dermis. With the reverse development they disintegrate, but after healing a scar appears.

    Treatment of acne

    To treatment of acne should be approached in a complex way, so prefer salon procedures. The cosmetologist appoints a full-fledged treatment through external means of purposeful action.

    Drugs that affect all existing mechanisms of acne are actively used. As a rule, treatment implies a course of 8-9 months. During this period it is necessary to use intensively azelaic acid, and also to take doxycycline. In addition to the method, the doctor prescribes darsonvalization and cryomassage. After a month, it is necessary to conduct chemical peeling with the use of fruit acids.

    Do not forget that during the course of treatment it is necessary to use every day foams and lotions with the content of natural ingredients and extracts of plants. Oily skin can not be washed with soap.

    Use water-alcohol chatterboxes that contain salicylic acid, as well as resorcinol and boric acid.

    To get rid of acne, fatty creams that have the ability to clog pores, which significantly impairs air circulation, do not work.(see how to get rid of pimples on your face.) Take note that a component such as benzoyl peroxide is able to destroy bacteria that provoke acne and acne. In addition, azelaic acid has antibacterial properties. Along with these components, keratolytic and anti-inflammatory effects are exerted by salicylic acid, as well as sulfur and resorcinol.

    Means intended for the treatment of acne should be applied several times a day locally. But first it is necessary to clean the damaged area.

    Prognosis of treatment

    Being aware of the causes that cause the appearance of imperfections, it is possible to control exacerbations associated with acne.
    In the event that the doctor has appointed a full course, then he should take at least 5 months.

    Treatment for acne can be accompanied by exacerbations. This factor is especially relevant for the first months, when the process is aimed at suppressing the mechanisms of acne.

    The course must be observed without reservation, even if you notice an improvement. Take note that the untreated acne will sooner or later make itself felt.

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