Crafts from vegetables and fruits for school and kindergarten, for exhibitions

  • Crafts from vegetables and fruits for school and kindergarten, for exhibitions

    In kindergartens and schools, handicraft exhibitions are often arranged. To do an interesting job, you do not need to go far. It is enough to look into the refrigerator or go with the pope to the cellar to pick up the "building" material. About how to do their own handicrafts of fruits and vegetables for the exhibition or just for fun, we'll talk today.

    Pumpkin artwork

    Take pumpkin, potatoes, wire, toothpicks, threads, scissors. You will also need a knife and plasticine or a colored paper for the eyes of a spider.

    In a gourd with a knife, make a hole. To do this, outline its contours, then cut off the peel and remove some pulp. At the edge of the fossa, insert 8 toothpicks at the same distance from each other. Tips to break. Then, on the fragments of the toothpicks, wind the threads along the diagonals and in a circle to make a web. With the pumpkin finished. Now we need to make a spider.

    Take the wire and cut 6 identical lengths. From it we will make paws. Wrap each piece of thread. The body of the spider will be made from potatoes. You have to attach the cooked legs to it. Make eyes from plasticine or paper. Attach the spider to the pumpkin with a toothpick.

    To make out a litter of natural material: leaves, clusters of mountain ash.

    If the pumpkin is large, then you can make a few cobwebs. You can send such an article to the exhibition.

    Helicopter from a large vegetable

    A helicopter can be made from a pumpkin, or you can take a squash of suitable form or a large potato. Prepare for crafts:

    • Flat box. It will be the basis for the platform, so you have to select it according to the size of the vegetable, so that later the structure is stable.
    • Sticks 4 pcs.
    • Carnations.
    • White and brown paper. Toothpicks, ash fruit.
    • The cardboard in black is the same size as the box.
    • Adhesive.
    • Silo.
    • Felt pens or colored markers.

    This craft can be made for the school.

    First we'll do the platform. Take the lid from the flat box. On it to paste a sheet of cardboard. From white paper cut two strips the size equal to the length of the box and glue them a short distance from each other.

    Then from the same paper cut the circle and place it on top of the stripes. On the circle, stick two sticks parallel to each other. Get the same as the photo.

    We pass to the helicopter. First, prepare the tail screw. For him, cut two brown circles 2 cm in diameter. One of them is covered with glue from the underside and spread the fruits of the ash crosswise and one toothpick. It will be needed to attach the screw to the body of the helicopter. Then cover with glue the second circle and attach to the first one over the "screw".

    In the platform, make the two holes with an awl and insert one toothpick into them. At the last plant a pumpkin, attach the tail screw.

    Attach the main propeller to the stud.

    Draw windows.

    Gifts of Autumn - an excellent material for interesting crafts!

    Fruit basket

    This hand-made article is also called "Paradise tree".

    For its production, it is necessary to cut the fruits in advance and dry them. This is suitable for grapefruit, banana, kiwi, lemon, strawberry, grapes, you will need more cinnamon sticks. The basket is made of a plastic bottle. To make the article look good, the bottle should be well disguised. The trunk is made from a stick or branch. The base for the crown is formed from foam or ordinary crumpled paper. It is attached to the barrel, and then the glue is attached to the fruit. The trunk in a pot or basket is also fixed in different ways: plaster, wet sand, pebbles and so on. Cinnamon sticks are cut longitudinally and placed over the fruit. The trunk should be painted, varnished, wrapped with tape or threads. It remains to decorate the base of the trunk. You can do this with a child for a kindergarten or school.

    What else can I do? Hedgehogs made from pears and grapes. The work is simple - just for children.

    2. Smeshariki.

    3. More pictures.

    The most real miracle of a pumpkin.
    Master classes, as well as ideas for handicrafts, look at the video:

    There are a lot of ideas for handicrafts. Using them, you can create original works that will decorate any exhibition.