• Smoking

    About thirty million Americans have already quit smoking, most alone, without help. Many had to throw more than once, but still succeeded. There are no magic secrets that can help quit smoking to anyone, but here are three principles that help everyone.

    1. You need to decide to stop smoking. Do not try to quit if you are not ready for it. Indecisive attempts will most likely be doomed to failure.

    2. Develop a plan. If you come to a firm decision to quit, it may be worthwhile to join an organized group of quitters. The advantage is that you get the support of the team. Or you can throw it yourself, using the method we will discuss below.

    3. Create yourself psychological support.

    One way to quit smoking yourself

    Many people are helped by regular physical exercises or auto-training for one to two months, since after that quit smoking is much easier. When you feel that you are almost ready to stop smoking, choose a date, so that it remains at least two weeks;for many, it turns out, it's easiest to quit smoking on Saturday, Sunday or on one of vacation days. Tell your decision to all friends.

    To show the seriousness of their intentions, you can even send out postcards. It's good, if someone from friends or family quit smoking with you, or you can enlist the support of a friend from among former smokers, it will be easier to overcome difficult moments. During these two weeks, create a psychological support - strengthen your resolve, gradually giving up smoking habits.

    Register each cigarette you smoke. Wrap a pack of cigarettes with a piece of paper and write down what time the cigarette was smoked. Begin to break your smoking reflexes. For example, a cigarette you are used to smoking after dinner. Be on the alert. Think in advance, put it off for half an hour. Instead of having a strong desire to smoke sitting in a comfortable chair, stand smoking. Make a plan, what to do after lunch, put aside for half an hour.

    Do not buy more than one pack of cigarettes at once. Twice a week, change the variety, go to the less strong. Perhaps it will be easier to reduce nicotine addiction.

    Collect all cigarette butts in a large glass jar so that you can see them in all their unattractiveness.

    Start regular physical training, if you have not started yet.

    Learn to replace smoking. Two or three times a day instead of a cigarette, drink a glass of water, eat a carrot, walk on fresh air.

    In the evening on the eve of the "Day of liberation from cigarettes" clear the battlefield: throw all the remaining cigarettes, remove the ashtrays.

    "Day of liberation from cigarettes"

    Try to make this day enjoyable. You can have a picnic by the water or in the woods. Spend more time where you can not smoke. Think in advance what can be done to avoid getting into a stressful situation.

    Try not to think about cigarettes, but be prepared for the fact that the weak "withdrawal symptoms" will make themselves felt. Some people do not feel these symptoms at all, others feel drowsy( then sleep), anxiety( in that case, walk) or hunger( so eat - especially fruits and vegetables).

    When you really want to smoke, remind your body that they are now commanding you, not cigarettes. Recognize the time - in a few minutes, an acute desire will pass. To overcome it, take a quick step, eat something( low-calorie.) - in this case chewing gum works well, but you can brush your teeth, take a shower.

    Be on the alert. Think in advance when there may be a strong desire to smoke. And take action. For example, make a plan of classes after lunch to immediately get up from the table and distract yourself.

    Toddler will help mom to quit smoking

    Now in all age groups quit smoking a record number of people - in all but one. This single group that smokes more than before, are girls and young women. If a woman continues to smoke even during pregnancy, it can turn into a tragedy.

    Infants of smoking mothers suffer from a lack of oxygen. And their weight and height are lower than the average for newborns, but the probability of congenital malformations is higher. It is absolutely impossible not to smoke a woman using contraceptive pills: smoking several times increases the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke.

    Fellowship not necessarily

    It's not at all necessary that, having quit smoking, you will begin to grow stout. Of the three who quit smoking, one loses weight, one keeps the same weight and only one of the three gets fat. Even if you recover a little, you will still be healthier than if you continued to smoke. And then, after all, you can always lose those extra pounds after this habit is over. Even better, stop smoking, watch out for weight - eat in moderation and move more.


    All that you have learned about proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, applies to people of all ages. Of course, it is better when healthy habits develop in childhood. Then you can only stop the development of atherosclerosis at the very beginning, but even to the old age to maintain health, attractive appearance and strength.

    However, it is never too late to revise your way of life.

    The development of atherosclerosis can be stopped and in adulthood, even if a person from childhood leads a lifestyle in which the risk of ischemic heart disease is high. In your power to extend your life for years and even dozens of years, but the fact that you have the strength to improve your overall health and well-being - that's for sure.

    Best of luck