Treatment of acne on the face at home and the reasons for the appearance of black dots on the face

  • Treatment of acne on the face at home and the reasons for the appearance of black dots on the face

    Acne on the face is one of the problems that arises in people of any age and manifests itself in the most unexpected moments. They appear because of the clogging of pores with dust, excess of sebum and dead skin particles.

    These rashes in medicine are divided into deep and superficial. The first type includes those in which the rod is deep in the pores, covered with a dense layer of epidermis. Such acne is almost impossible to remove by yourself, since there is a possibility of irreparable harm to the skin. And the second type includes those that have the appearance of black spots or purulent inflammation.

    The reasons for their appearance are associated with hormonal changes in the body, with improper skin care, with the use of unhealthy food, with alcohol abuse and with nervous disorders.

    With the appearance of the first acne, no one thinks about how to treat them, because they consider extrusion the most correct and effective method in dealing with them. But this is not so, because it has long been known that such a procedure, without due care of the face and body, will leave only an unpleasant trace on the skin in the form of ugly and gross scars. There are several options for fighting the rash:

    • visit the hospital: there will be a complete examination of the body, doctors will be able to identify the cause of the appearance of rashes and prescribe a course of treatment;
    • hike to a professional beautician who will do a face cleansing;
    • use of folk remedies.

    The first method involves the adoption of certain medications that do not always favorably affect the body. The second - leaves unpleasant traces on the skin( redness, small scars) for a long time. And the third, the safest for a person, is the treatment of acne on the face at home.

    The latter option includes the use of decoctions, infusions, compresses and masks made from natural products. This method is good because all recipes for fighting acne have been tested by many generations of people and have repeatedly proved their effectiveness and safety.

    Summer Rescuers from Acne

    In summer, herbs, fruits and berries will be excellent helpers for eradicating the rash. For example:

    • lemon juice - copes well with newly appeared acne, for this you just need to wipe their face several times a day;
    • quince - grind it to a mushy condition and apply on face for 20 minutes;
    • melissa - take her leaves( about a tablespoon) and pour a glass of boiling water for 1 hour, strain, dip the sponge and apply to the affected skin;
    • viburnum - three times during the day you need to eat 1 tablespoon of these berries.

    Express masks against acne

    All these listed methods are excellent wrestlers with acne, but in order for the result from their use to appear, you need to patiently use them for a long time. And for those who ask the question: "How to get rid quickly from rashes?", The following recipes will work.

    Express anti-acne masks:

    • take parsley juice and mix with vodka in a 3: 1 ratio, this tincture wipe the damaged skin daily;
    • pour the petals of a white lily with vodka for two weeks, strain and treat acne every evening( the infusion should be stored in a dark container);
    • lubricate the inflammation with aloe juice in its pure form or in conjunction with water( 1: 2);
    • pour clean water( roots and leaves), cover with a coverlet and let it brew, moisten the cloth in it and put on your face( do not let the cloth dry out, constantly wet it in a liquid), use a compress for the night or a few hours before you leave the house,since after its use, the sun is not contagious on the face;
    • a teaspoon of chamomile( dry) pour a glass of boiling water, after 30 minutes moisten the sponge in the broth and wipe the skin, or freeze the liquid, and then use ice cubes as a tonic.

    Treatment with gifts of nature brings good effect and helps the body to fight not only with rashes on the skin, but also can have a positive effect on the cause of their appearance. And yet, despite all the advantages of using natural products, it should be remembered that it is not worth using all the proposed products in one day, so as not to cause an allergic reaction.

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