• Conifers also vaccinate

    grafting is the most common method of grafting conifers, as it is quick and easy to perform.

    The technique of budding is normal: the kidney( the sleeping eye) is cut in such a way as to capture a small part of the shoot's wood, after which a T-shaped incision is made on the bark of the rootstock and the cortex is separated from the wood with the help of a scoop of the eyepiece knife, where the kidney plate is inserted.

    Care for the oculars is the timely weakening and removal of

    ki, as well as in the gradual shortening of the shoots of the stock.

    Successful fusion of grafting depends mainly on the time of vaccination and the state of the weather. The best time for ovulation of conifers is to recognize spring - the end of April - the beginning of May. In this case, for the growth of the scion with the stock, it is very important that the cuttings of the graft are somewhat delayed in development in comparison with the stock. Otherwise, the rapid dissolution of the buds of the scion can lead to the withering of it, because with the unhappiness that has not yet occurred, the graft does not die of water from

    .Therefore cuttings for grafting are cut off in advance and remain in the cold.

    Inoculation by cuttings

    The best timing of vaccination: in the spring from April 15 to May 15 or in the summer from July 10 to August 5.

    Cuttings 7-10 cm long cut from the final shoots of large lateral branches. For spring grafting, cuttings are cut in April for 10-15 days before the vaccination. Cut cuttings are stacked in a bag, having interlaid them with sawdust or moss, and stored in a snowy bead covered with a layer of sawdust. Suit and freshly cut

    ki. For summer grafting, only exclusively freshly cut cuttings are suitable. They should be vaccinated immediately after harvesting, since already 3 hours later the adhesion sharply decreases.

    The most commonly used method is "in cleavage".Moreover, it is planted in a cleft in the rootstock, made at the top of the shoot both with a remote apical bud, and without its removal.

    Still for the inoculation of coniferous species there is a method of "core to cambium".At the same time, cut the needles on the cuttings of the scion, make a long oblique cut through the core, and in the stock, after retreat a few centimeters from the apex bud, remove the needles and clean the bark, exposing the cambium. It is very important to make cuts for graft and rootstocks of the same length. If it is impossible to find a single and a single stock with a single diameter, then it is necessary to properly combine the sections at least on one side. Privoj tightly tied to the rootstock. Once the grafted cuttings have signs that it has caught on, the apical bud of the stock is removed.