• Adultery infidelity

    About a third of men and women who are married have sex on the side. Why? The simplest reason is that, probably, they find "on the side" what they lack in a married life. It's not even always related to sex as such, it can be, for example, something special about sex. Usually these relations are also based on common attachments to the same entertainment, on tenderness, friendship, the desire to laugh together, on common interests, etc. There are many reasons why such love relationships arise. In each case, they are different. Sometimes it can be an adventure for one night, and in other cases this connection can last a lifetime. In some cases, love intrigue is used to - consciously or unconsciously - cause changes in marital relations. And sometimes an affair on the side is the punishment of a constant partner for some misconduct, real or contrived. Disclosure of such a connection can become a threat to marital relations. But more often love relationships develop in isolation and rarely really threaten marital relations. It happens that one of the spouses

    gov actively pushes the other to love relationships on the side, because he or she is not able to satisfy the sexual needs of his partner. In some cases, this leads to a stable position of menage a trois( love of three), which can last a lifetime.

    It is more customary for us to consider, when it comes to love affair on the side, that( of course, provided that such a link emerges) it will almost certainly ruin marital relations. In addition, even the covert existence of such links implies some sophistication in lies, which in turn makes marital relations less open and honest. This is a difficult subject. However, almost always the love affair on the side is more a symptom of unresolved problems in marital life than purely sexual interest. Psychoanalysts believe that in most cases, if marital relations are strong, then they can easily experience one-time infidelity on the side, if, of course, this will be the will and desire of both partners.