• Humidifiers against evaporators

    A jet of moist air that you inhale can dilute in the nose of the secretion and facilitate breathing, but not every fog is clean and harmless. Humidifiers and vaporizers( vaporizers) produce fog in three different ways: oscillation( ultrasound), blowing or splashing( impellers) and boiling( vapourizer).Here's what you should know about these devices.


    Humidifiers give a cold mist. The newest models are completely noiseless, ultrasonic, which use high-frequency sound to dissipate water in the form of fog. They provide clean air( kill bacteria and mold), but do not always provide safe breathing air. New research has revealed that this ultra-fine mist can also contain airborne contaminants contained in tap water that is abundant in minerals. These small particles( for example, asbestos, lead and others) can enter the body during respiration and irritate the lower respiratory tract. This potential danger can be minimized by purchasing an ultrasonic humidifier with an integrated particle filter or a demineralizing cartridge or using distilled water.

    Impeller-type humidifiers are usually not as quiet as ultrasonic, and these humidifiers usually accumulate bacteria and mold, which are then dispersed by the apparatus through the air. Some more modern models of humidifier-impellers have filters.

    Worst of all, old humidifiers with a rotating drum and a water boiler, in which water stagnates. We do not recommend using this type.

    Evaporators( vaporizers)

    As the name suggests, the evaporators produce hot steam and give a more concentrated mist to a smaller area. As the water inside boils, the formed steam kills bacteria and mold, and the minerals never go beyond the apparatus. In most respiratory diseases, for humidifying the respiratory tract, vaporizers are preferable to moisturizers. The vaporizer also allows you to turn off central heating, thereby reducing its drying effect. Providing a hot fog, the vaporizer is able to keep air in a small room, such as a nursery, pleasantly warm, while preventing the noses from drying out.