Husband thrown during pregnancy: what to do and who is to blame for this situation

  • Husband thrown during pregnancy: what to do and who is to blame for this situation

    The severance of family relationships is almost always a tragedy. And for the woman that her husband threw during pregnancy, especially.

    How do we assess this situation in most cases? Of course, we say that he is a scoundrel, a scoundrel and the like. Because a man in this situation is easier. Loneliness is easily treated, especially in men. And the woman? Is it easy for her to raise a child alone?

    In women's forums, mostly, angry sayings. A woman stigmatizes the husband who left her during pregnancy.

    But if you try to understand the problem, to understand its essence, then the roots of this problem can lie very deeply. And the woman no longer seems innocent, poor, abandoned sheep. A husband does not seem scoundrel and rascal.

    Here are just two small stories about women, from whom the husband left during pregnancy:

    1. Wishing more attention to herself, beloved, the woman begins to "saw" her husband, that she is not affectionate enough with her, late returns from work and so on. For this reason, she rolls scandals to her husband, arranges tantrums. At the same time, she is not worried about his fatigue, problems at work.

    But if you think about it, the lack of the desired attention from her husband - not the most terrible problem in family life. But scandals and hysterics destroy the family very simply. He got tired, he went to a rented apartment and after a while he got along with another woman who does not demand more from him than he can give.

    2. The girl met a married man who already has a son. When I realized that I was pregnant, I demanded that I divorce my wife and marry her. The man refused and returned to the family. After some time with his wife still divorced and married a pregnant lover. However, he soon realized that he was not ready to become the father of the second child and again returned to his first wife and son.

    Therefore, our heroine, too, was abandoned during pregnancy. Both are guilty in this situation. And the woman - in a greater degree: knew in fact, on what went. On someone else's misfortune, one can not build one's happiness. This is folk wisdom.

    Unfortunately, there are other situations. Serious sympathy deserves a woman, whom her husband threw for no reason. Just because he does not want problems related to raising a child, does not want problems that inevitably arise in every family. A woman in this situation will need a lot of courage: to raise a child by herself is very difficult. But the happiness of motherhood can not be compared with anything.

    To avoid being thrown during pregnancy through your own fault, pay attention to several reasons that men do not like and because of which they can quit:

    • Excessive nervousness. Many women consider it permissible to scream, to be afraid to fall into depression and to mock their husbands by dumping everything on their interesting position. Women should try to pull themselves together and remember that men are very vulnerable creatures, and this period is no less difficult for them than for the weaker sex.
    • One of the most common mistakes of women is to plan everything yourself. Men often openly say that they are not ready for children, but girls take it all for excuses, in all ways secretly from a man trying to get pregnant. To this case it is possible to include a saying: "For what struggled, for that and ran".As a result, the girl remains pregnant, and the man, as before, declares that the children are not ready and everyone goes their own way.
    • Just girls need to remember that men love eyes, which means it's worth trying to look good during pregnancy and not to run yourself, referring to your position.
    • Pregnancy is not rarely a cause of accidental communication, sometimes such a connection occurs in a state of intoxication, in which case the woman should take more responsibility for the partner, in this case it is about the consequences for her health and future.

    And if all the same your man is gone, think: is it worth it to continue living with him? Do not be afraid to remain alone even with a child. You will definitely meet a man who will love both you and your child. Do not give up, life is always on our side, dear women.

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