• Difficulties in achieving an erection

    Sooner or later, men face the problem of erection, that is, with the inability to bring the penis into a state of erection. In young men, such difficulties are usually associated with excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Sometimes the cause of this problem can be fatigue, the consequences of stress, inability to relax. Basically, all these reasons are temporary and related to the emotional state. If this is so, it is quite obvious that a man tries to have sex either at the wrong time, or not with that partner, or under circumstances that for one reason or another are unfavorable for him. The man is not an automaton - he pressed the button, and it's ready! Men, just like women, can have many causes that affect their ability to achieve an erection. These include, for example, feelings of guilt, overwork, boredom, unrest in order not to strike the dirt in front of your lover, etc.

    If a man wakes up in the morning with an erection or if he has a night erection,its ability to

    to an erection corresponds to the norm. Thus, if he has difficulties, he should understand what happened, and be able to honestly admit to himself, what is the cause of the problem with erection. The main reason for this in young men is the lack of trust with a partner. If a man worries, doubting that he can give pleasure to a partner, then this alone can cause problems with erection. And when this happens for the first time, it is natural that next time the man again begins to experience anxiety. So gradually he finds himself drawn into a vicious circle, which makes the erection ever less and less likely. And the sooner he can break this circle, the better. To cope with such difficulties helps the technique of concentration of partners on the feelings of each other.

    If a man has analyzed the cause of trouble with erection and made efforts to eliminate them, using, among other things, the technique of concentrating partners on each other's sensations, but all his attempts were unsuccessful, he should consult his own doctor( because his problem may dependfrom purely medical factors), psychoanalyst or sex therapist. If the problem is purely physiological, then most likely it will be successfully resolved.

    With age in men( especially in the 60 - 70 years), the erection weakens, as it gives up its dominant position in sex. The thoughts alone, which previously led him into a state of sexual arousal, are not enough to achieve an erection. In such cases, direct physical stimulation comes first and should be taken for granted. Age changes in the body require the man to adapt to physical changes and reckon with them( see Chapter 15).For example, you can make love in the morning, after a night's sleep, when the well rested and the level of testosterone in the body is quite high. Perhaps you should give up making love at night. It is desirable that in the lovemaking partner would be more active.

    If a man has problems with & gt; 1 & gt; after the measures taken and he does not achieve an erection either in the morning or in the evening, under no circumstances, then the fastest reason is physical disability. For example, a disease such as diabetes can cause a decrease in the ability to erect. In addition, the cause can be in the violation of hormonal balance, in the disease of blood vessels or the nervous system. In some cases, problems with erection cause medications that help restore blood pressure. In most cases, the problems associated with an erection due to medications are completely eliminated with the help of medications. There are three possible solutions to problems with erection( in those cases when they acquire a permanent character).

    • Injections that promote erections. The drug is injected into the soft tissues of the penis with a syringe( in fact it is not as painful as it might seem).A chemical causes a rush of blood to the penis, resulting in an erection. Those who are not afraid of this procedure will be satisfied with the result, because an erection can last more than an hour. Among the side effects include, for example, possible sores from a prick with a syringe and priapism - a prolonged painful erection that does not go away without medical intervention.

    • Vacuum compressing device, which consists of a vacuum pump and a compression ring. The pump is placed over the penis, and as the air comes out of it, the erection state comes. After this, the ring is put on the base of the penis in order to hold the blood in place. Many couples find this method very effective, while others believe that the ring sometimes leaves bruises on the penis and makes the ejaculation painful. In addition, in some cases, the erection is not complete as much as the couple wants.

    • Implants for penis are usually not recommended for those who have not tried the first two ways to achieve an erection. Implants consist of hydraulic cylinders and non-hydraulic rods. They are quite effective if the male

    is capable of experiencing sexual desire and if his penis is sensitive enough. Rods usually have a semi-rigid structure. The implant is inserted into the penis. As a result, the penis becomes quite flexible and can be pushed inward. Usually it is semi-rigid. Many men are satisfied with this solution. The hydraulic device consists of two hollow cylinders that are inserted into the spongy tissues of the penis. If a man needs to lead a penis into an erection state, the cavities of the cylinders are filled with liquid from the reservoir located in the lower part of the abdomen. A small mechanical pump pumps liquid into the penis. When you need to bring the penis into the normal state, then the drain valve is triggered.