Meliorating at home: how to make it to yourself( step-by-step instruction)

  • Meliorating at home: how to make it to yourself( step-by-step instruction)

    One of the most common types of hair coloring is melioration, and not in vain. With its help, only some strands are stained, one can say through one, thus, between your natural color flashes a lighter one, which gives the whole image some elegance and elegance.

    And the less processed strands, the more noticeable is the melioration and it looks more neat. This article will tell you in detail how to do highlights at home, show some video lessons, but first, it's better to review the photos on this topic.

    As you can see, the thickness of the strands for processing by melirovaniem unlimited, and the color can also be any, according to your desire. This is another reason why chalk is so popular among young girls.

    For an ordinary chalk, only two types of colors are always used: the first color is a few colors lighter than your original color, used to give the hair brightness and some image change. Second - non-standard color, such as blue, purple, etc., is used more often for photo sessions, but you can see everyday life, dramatically changes your image.

    In the next part of the article you will be greeted by a step-by-step instruction.

    How to mend your hair at home?

    Melting, in fact, is not such a complicated operation, and if you have some experience in this kind of procedures, then you will certainly cope. There are several techniques, the two most common are with foil and under the hat. With a foil - on long hair, under a hat - on short. So, first you need to buy all the necessary ingredients, the list of which is given below:

    1) Long strips of foil;

    2) Paint for highlights, which can be purchased at any specialized store;

    3) Brush, bowl and gloves;

    4) Tinted or curative balm;

    5) Comb with sharp tips.

    When you have collected all the necessary ingredients, it's time to find out how to make a mark for yourself.

    1. First, it is advisable to wash your hair before the procedure and wait until the hair is dry. After that, brush them well. Select the string at the very top and, using a comb with a sharp tip, divide this strand into several small thin strands by a method through one. The first part of the strings will be processed, and the second can be omitted;
    2. Secondly, lay the foil under the processed strands and make sure that it keeps well, you do not need an unexpected color. After, mix the mixture of the paint itself and, taking a brush, apply on the hair from top to bottom, and then bottom to top to evenly distribute the serum;
    3. Thirdly, once you have processed these several strands, wrap them in foil( you can put the second piece on top) and secure with a hair clip so that it does not interfere. In this way, you have to process the entire head or just the desired area. Start from the vertex, then go to the occipital area, then - to the temporal zones;
    4. When all the paint is applied and the foil is fixed, you just have to wait a while, letting the paint soak in properly. If you want a more vivid effect, then keep at least half an hour, but better all 40 minutes, if you need not brightness, then it will be enough for 15-20 minutes. The choice is yours;
    5. Fourth, when the above time has passed, carefully remove the foil and rinse your head first with plain water to wash off the remains of the paint, then with a medical balm.
    6. Done!

    And now you are invited to consider a few video lessons to learn more about some of the techniques of chalk.