• Preparations for a head transplant continue

    Project for head transplantation to Valery Spiridonov is headed by Sergio Canavero. He declares an important step taken in preparation for the forthcoming operation - he succeeded in successfully completing experiments on the fusion of individual brain nerve fibers in animals.

    The Italian surgeon last year announced a project that involves the transplantation of a volunteer's head into a donor case. It was decided to do this to the Russian engineer Valery Spiridonov, who has a grave genetic disease, the Verdnig-Hoffman syndrome, and is therefore chained to a wheelchair. Opinions of colleagues regarding the forthcoming operational intervention diverge - some consider it practically impracticable and impracticable, doomed to failure, and someone in principle does not rule out such an opportunity.

    In preparation for this surgical intervention, a team of scientists led by Sergio Canavero made an important step that gives hope for the success of the event. In particular, we are talking about one of the most important stages of the forthcoming operation. Experts practiced on animals the practical key moment of surgical intervention - the process of fusion of the nerve fibers of the spinal cord and brain stem.

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    The recent results proved to be successful and allowed to perform this complicated process. To do this, we used an ultrathin knife made of carbon, as well as polyethylene glycol, which allows us to glue together the nerve fibers. After that, scientists used a special technique, consisting in stimulation of the spinal cord, this stage was required to trigger the signal and establish connections between individual nerve cells.

    A month after the intervention, the animals showed a fusion of nerve fibers, as a result of which the restoration of a damaged limb was observed. Also, scientists conducted experiments, including a complete brain transplantation to monkeys.

    The results showed the effectiveness of the technique used, which allowed to preserve the functions of the brain. As part of the experiments, perfluoran was used as an artificial blood substitute. Due to it during the experiments of scientists, the brain cells were supplied after the process of its separation from the body.

    All the above experiments were conducted in China, as there are no restrictions on such interventions in this country. Some experiments began to be carried out on human bodies. The main operation for a head transplant is planned for December 2017.

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