Medical abnormalities of which you have not heard yet!

  • Medical abnormalities of which you have not heard yet!

    People tend to suffer from ailments and be exposed to various kinds of diseases caused by a virus or infection. However, there are many deviations that modern medics can not explain, equating them to the category of unusual.

    1. Infinite orgasm. Mysterious syndrome( constant sexual arousal) was revealed in a young British woman. A special feature of the disease is the constant flow of blood to the genital organs, which causes a large number of orgasms. The girl reacts to the slightest external vibration, whether it's a working hair dryer or an approaching train. According to the patient, such an unusual manifestation of libido began after taking hormonal tablets, and the number of orgasms over time increased to 200. Is it any wonder that sexual partners fail to meet such increased demands.
    2. Forever thin. An Englishman at the age of 12 was faced with the problem of gaining weight. Before that, he was quite a well-fed boy, but in one night he dropped extra pounds, which even after half a century could not be typed. The body has the ability to instantly burn fat, so a man can eat in any amount, without fear for the figure.
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    3. Icy man. At one time, the Dutchman became famous for being immersed in a pool with ice without much discomfort. And climbing into summer shorts on the snowy Mont Blanc, and completely broke the world record. Scientists do not know the nature of the phenomenon, in which the critical temperature can be transferred so easily. An ordinary person would hardly survive after such an ice test, but the Dutchman also feels great.
    4. Life without sleep. After observing the unique three-year-old boy, no scientist will ever think of a deviation. Although it is - the child never sleeps. Studies have revealed a defect in the structure of the spine, which literally compresses the brain. Thus the nervous system functions normally. It's hard for parents, because a baby needs round-the-clock control.
    5. Water allergy. A young Australian is deprived of the opportunity not only to swim in the pool, but also to take a shower. And all because of the allergy to ordinary water, as a result of which a painful rash appears. Medicine can not at the moment help the girl, because the disease has not been studied and there is no cure for the disease.
    6. Phenomenal memory. Most people suffer from forgetfulness, which can not be said of a forty-year-old woman who remembers to the smallest detail every day of her past. It is enough to name the date, as the owner of the "hard disk" in her own head will tell in detail the events of this day, including the weather.
    7. Allergy to progress. It's hard to imagine a person who does not use a car or mobile phone. However, it exists in reality - the Englishwoman is so responsive to the electromagnetic radiation of modern technology that her body is covered with a rash. Even the house had to be equipped so that the harmful radiation did not penetrate inside.
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