• 15 interesting facts about hair

    Everyone knows that hair carries an energy impulse, but few know about a number of entertaining facts associated with them. Let's consider some of them.

    1. About 70% of men suffer from hair loss. But for women this indicator is much lower: only 25%.The reason is that the female hair sits a couple of mm deeper than the male. The causes of loss can serve as hormonal failures, environmental factors: polluted air, poor ecology.
    2. The hair covering occupies 95% of all human skin. They are absent only on the palms and soles of the feet. On all other sites they have a place to be, albeit unnoticeable.
    3. The rod consists of 97% of proteins and only 3% of water.
    4. On one square centimeter of the skin grows about 250-300 hair.
    5. The hair bulb consists of three phases:
      • anagen. During this phase, hair growth takes 2 to 5 years;
      • telogen. In this period the growth is 3-4 months;
      • catagen. It is considered a transitional phase, which takes a couple of weeks. However, a large part, about 80-90%, is in the stage of constant growth. In the frozen state are 10-15% of hair and only 1-2% - are in their final stage.
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    6. Hair has a very elastic structure. It can be stretched 5 times more, after which it will take its original state.
    7. Hair grows by 0.35 cm per day. For a year - by 12 cm. And throughout their life they gain length of 7.6 m.
    8. Our vegetation drops out every day. The adult loses on the average 100-200, and the child - 50-80.In case of exceeding the amount of fallen hair, you should consult a doctor.
    9. The greatest number of covers have blondes: about 150 thousand. In second place are brunettes with 100 thousand. The smallest number are red: only 80 thousand.
    10. Birth of hair begins in the womb. The first hairs appear on the 4-5 month of intrauterine development.
    11. Hair strength is similar to aluminum. One such can withstand about 200 grams of weight.
    12. One hair bulb produces 20-30 pieces in a lifetime.
    13. Hair grows quickly enough in the summer, in a dream and in the age of 14 to 24 years.
    14. The female braid contains about 200 thousand hair, which can withstand weight of 20 tons.
    15. Balding people no longer lose vegetation than do not bald. Just hair from those suffering from baldness, is not replaced with new ones.
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