Christmas tree with own hands: master classes with photo and video lessons

  • Christmas tree with own hands: master classes with photo and video lessons

    Today, put a live Christmas tree in the house or simply spruce branches for the aroma is not difficult. But in order to decorate the house in an original way, to make a gift to a close person, it is not necessary to buy it in a shop or on the street - you can look into our article and learn how to make a Christmas tree with your own hands. At the same time it will be your author's, completely unique and you will get pleasure from needlework and, subsequently, from contemplation of your little masterpiece.

    Paper version

    Paper is probably one of the most common materials for creativity. No wonder the herringbone can also be made of paper.

    Here, for example, is an interesting idea of ​​creating a Christmas tree from magazines.

    A cone is made of dense cardboard, fixed with glue. The pages of the magazine are cut into circles or a figured punch, scissors. The blanks are slightly curled and glued to the cone, starting from the bottom. The top of the tree is decorated with a small cone from the same circle.

    Also creative Christmas tree is made of wrapping paper.

    For its creation, paste a cardboard cone with beautiful wrapping paper and decorate to your taste: sequins, beads, ribbons or buttons.

    For the next version of the Christmas tree cone is not needed: on the skewer fixed in the base, we put on circles of beautiful paper of different diameters, starting with the largest one. The top can also be decorated with a paper star.

    To create such a product, flowers made of napkins are also suitable.

    We are fastening a multi-layer napkin with a stapler, cut out a circle. Each layer alternately fingers to the center. Flowers made in this way, we glue to the already familiar cardboard cone.

    From bottles

    An interesting option can be a Christmas tree made of plastic bottles. To create a small sample of a fluffy beauty you will need:

    • a pair of green bottles;
    • scissors;
    • adhesive tape;
    • sheet of paper.

    From the neck of the bottle make a stand. In it we insert a tube from a sheet of paper. We cut the bottles into rings with a width of 8-9 cm. For a fluffy bottom, cut the ring into 2 parts, then divide into an increasing number of parts - 3, 4. Cut the fringe, leaving the edge in 0.5 cm. Begin to collect rows of branches from the base, graduallymoving up. The crown can be made by making a small cone from the bottle. It remains only to decorate. We hope that this little master will help you in creating a green miracle.

    Other ideas of

    The idea of ​​a Christmas tree from a pasta is interesting. Again, you need a cardboard, plastic or foam cone, glue, paint in a can or acrylic, gouache and, of course, pasta. We select them of different shapes and sizes, glued chaotically or in a strictly verified order. After drying the paint can be painted in absolutely any color.

    Coffee lovers will like a Christmas tree made of coffee beans. It is made similar to the herringbone of pasta, only as the main material are the grains of roasted coffee. To make the product look more interesting, not so boring, you can decorate it with sequins, bows, beads. And yet, if you do not cover with varnish, then this craft will continue to exude a pleasant fragrance for a long time.

    For the sweet tooth the favorite is the Christmas tree of sweets. In order to make such a beauty, candy must be glued to one of the tips to a base of cardboard or polystyrene. You can do this with scotch tape or hot melt adhesive( you need to be careful not to get burned).After the whole Christmas tree is filled with sweets, you can decorate the crown, for example, tying a bow, as in the photo. You can remove sweets without candy wrappers, then it will remain almost untouched for a long time.

    The masters of Kanzash will be able to please the beautiful Christmas tree surrounded by satin ribbons. Folding the tissue segments of the petals and decorating the cardboard blank, we get a very aesthetic, stylish work of man-making.

    We are pleased to invite you to create such Christmas trees by yourself. We hope that you will choose the option that you like.

    We also present you a selection of videos on this topic. Video selection