Pattern dress with a whole-sleeve hosiery sleeve and other styles

  • Pattern dress with a whole-sleeve hosiery sleeve and other styles

    Below is a pattern of a dress with a one-piece hose made of knitted fabric, which we will disassemble and learn how to build.

    There are many similar models, but the model proposed below is much easier to sew, since it is not necessary to emboss the sleeve, it is already in place.

    How to build a pattern

    The construction of a pattern should start with a pattern - the basis of the dress. Postpone the back line to determine the length down 70 cm from the waist.

    By decreasing the groove solution, the armhole is extended by 1 cm and the backrests by 0.7 cm.

    To deepen the backrest arm and pass to 2 cm. Pass through the points that have turned out, the perpendiculars to the side cuts of the basic pattern for the construction of the sleeve.

    In the armhole, lift the line of the shoulder cut: for the transmission - 0,5 cm, for the back - 0,7 cm.

    To lay from the extreme point of the shoulder cut to the neck of 7 cm in order to build a line of the neck.

    Stretch the neck of the backrest by 4 cm along the center line and make the length of the neck of the backrest smaller by 0.5 cm. Draw a new center line of the backrest in the upper part.

    Draw a model line and lines of shoulder sections to the new middle of the backrest at a right angle.

    On convexity of the blades, move the tuck to the neck line. Draw a dart around the waist( photo from Fig. 1).Connect both dashes with a line.

    Extend the shoulder line by 22 cm from the armhole arm of the main pattern( for hose construction).

    Draw the bottom line of the sleeve at right angles from the resulting point to the top of the sleeve.

    To the level of the armhole, draw the front bottom line of the sleeve and extend it 1 cm down. A smooth curve to draw the lower section of the sleeve to the waist( Figure 1).

    Move the portion of the curve that connects the lines of the side section of the front part and the lower cut of the sleeve to the same section of the back.

    Move the front tuck at the waist 2 cm from the waist line on the main pattern. Extend to the end point on the bulge of the chest a groove at the waist and, accordingly, to the shoulder cut.

    Draw an insert at a right angle to the center 10 cm wide by 1 cm below the breast height. Draw a cut line to the side cut( Figure 1).

    Move the location of the undercut on the back and draw it to the waist at the waist.

    Details of the backrest and transfer to the side cuts each in the bottom area by 4 cm.

    New lines of cuts drawn. Draw a wedge of the skirt( Figure 1) with a tire 8 cm along the side cut.

    Pattern of a straight dress with a one-piece sleeve, ready, it remains only to cut out all the details.

    Cut out the details( Fig. 2).

    Fold into a single piece of wedge of the skirt and back.

    This pattern of the dress with a short-sleeved shirt is sure to work even for a beginner dressmaker, which means that you will get a dress that will only be sewn at the seams after the construction of the pattern.


    Style with a long solid sleeve

    Below is a pattern of dress with a one-piece long sleeve, which also will be much to your liking.


    At present, kimono is an outfit worn not only in the country of its birth, but all over the world. Depending on the fabric, it can look as gentle, feminine, and be rougher.

    The pattern of this kimono is given below.


    And for full women, this is a luxurious kimono dress, you'll find a pattern below.

    You can sew a kimono dress even from wool, for this you need to watch a video that details the progress of the work.

    Model with Raglan sleeves

    The dress with a raglan sleeves is popular with many women of fashion. Of course, you can buy it, or you can sew it yourself.



    Option with a one-piece sleeve for a girl

    Of course, do not forget about dresses with a one-piece sleeve for girls.

    Here is a warm dress you can sew for a girl 2-3 years.


    Layout on fabric

    This baby dress can be sewn with a sleeve three quarters.