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    Essential oils forslimming wraps: reviews and results

    To achieve effective burning of extra pounds, you need, first and foremost, to control your appetite, which, unfortunately, not everyone can do.

    To date, an excellent way to improve the skin, increase its elasticity and get rid of cellulite is wrapping with oils.

    Oily wrapping for weight loss: essence, use and effect ^

    The essence of the wrapping with essential oils for weight loss consists in applying to the problem areas of the skin an active mixture, as well as in creating a thermal effect by using a food film. At the same time, blood circulation under skin integuments is significantly accelerated, fat burning deposits are burned, the work of sebaceous and sweat glands is enhanced, and the appearance of the skin is noticeably improved.

    The benefits of wrapping with oils are due to the unique and complex composition and properties of each individual base or essential oil. As the base, the most commonly used are sunflower, olive, almond oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil or hazelnut.

    Base oils are usually supplemented with citrus( orange, lemon, grapefruit), rosemary, cinnamon, sage, juniper, bergamot or geranium oils.

    Oily wraps help solve problems for women, among them:

    • appearance of cellulite and stretch marks in such problem areas as waist, hips, buttocks and legs;
    • flabbiness of the skin that appeared after pregnancy or as a result of rapid weight loss;
    • desire to reduce the volume of problem areas;
    • skin elasticity loss and circulatory disturbance;
    • accumulation of excess fluid, toxins and toxins in tissues;
    • reduction in muscle tone;
    • age-related skin changes, lack of vitamins and minerals;
    • stress and nerve strain.

    To achieve the desired result and not to harm the skin, it is important to remember that in some cases it is not recommended to perform the procedure. Contraindications for oil wraps are:

    • pregnancy and lactation period;
    • high blood pressure;
    • "female" ailments;
    • gynecological diseases and the period of menstruation( in this case it is strictly forbidden to create a thermal effect in the abdominal region);
    • cardiovascular ailments;
    • mechanical damage to the skin, for example, abrasions or scratches;
    • varicose veins;
    • poor health;
    • is an allergy to at least one of the components of the wrapping mixture.

    Oils for wrapping for losing weight at home: recipes, techniques of use, description of the procedure ^

    Oils for wrapping for losing weight at home: the best recipes

    Oily wrapping for slimming: rules of procedure

    To wrap the procedure to achieve the desired result, you need to follow simple recommendationsfor its implementation:

    • Before the session, the skin needs to be prepared and cleaned, namely to take a warm shower and use a scrub. This is necessary in order to better open the pores, the skin cleared of the cornified particles, and the oil mixture penetrated deeper into the tissues.
    • Before wrapping and after it, you need to drink a lot of liquid so that along with the sweat, sweat and toxins accumulate in the skin under the skin.
    • You should prepare everything you need: a wrapping mixture, a food film, a warm dressing gown and a blanket.
    • During preparation of the composition for the session, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the indicated dosages of the ingredients.
    • The oil must be applied to problem areas of the skin, wrapped in polyethylene and wrapped with a towel. To sustain on a body on the average 20-40 minutes. The time of the session will depend on the chosen mask for wrapping and feeling sick.
    • After the specified time, it is necessary to get wet with paper towels, then rub the skin with milk to remove make-up and take a shower to wash away the remnants of the mixture.
    • In conclusion, the skin is recommended to be treated with anti-cellulite.
    • Wrapping sessions with oils should be carried out throughout the month at intervals of one day.

    Body wrap with olive oil

    Olive oil is most often used for wrapping, because it is considered the most affordable, and you can buy it in every supermarket. It is advisable to use olive oil of cold pressing, as it more effectively affects the skin and helps to fight cellulite.

    • To make an effective remedy, you need to mix olive oil( 30 ml) with oils of cypress, juniper and fennel( 2 drops each).
    • The composition should be applied to problem areas of the skin, wrap the body with a film and take cover with a warm blanket.
    • After 45 minutes, the mixture must be removed from the skin according to the rules specified above.

    Body wrap with almond oil

    Almond oil is considered no less effective than olive oil.

    • Mix the following ingredients: almond( 30 ml), cypress( 2 drops), rosemary( 5 drops) and grapefruit( 10 drops).
    • All components of the formulation should be thoroughly mixed and applied to the skin.
    • As with other types of wrapping sessions, the body needs to be wrapped around with food wrap and wrapped in a warm blanket. Duration of the session is 50 minutes.
    • At the end of this time, the mixture does not need to be washed off from the body, it is sufficient to soak the skin with a paper towel.

    Oily wrapping for weight loss at night

    As you know, during sleep, the human body is not quite resting, but working on the recovery of cells and elimination of toxins. Thanks to the wrapping procedure, he begins to draw energy for "night work" from fat stores in the waist and hips.

    • A great way to reduce stomach volume and buttocks is to use a wrap mask consisting of 50 ml base oil, for example olive oil, 3 drops of bergamot, lavender and cypress oil, 10 drops of any citrus oil.
    • It is necessary to sustain such a mask on the body for 45 minutes.

    Oily wrapping for slimming with chocolate

    Chocolate contains many useful substances, due to which the synthesis of collagen is activated, which helps to increase elasticity and skin rejuvenation. In addition, it perfectly speeds up metabolic processes in tissues and relieves stress.

    • To prepare a mask for wrapping, you should melt for a couple of 1-2 tiles of bitter dark chocolate with a content of 70% cocoa.
    • In the chocolate mass, you need to add two tablespoons of wheat germ oil.
    • The composition of room temperature should be applied to problem areas of the skin, wrapped in polyethylene and covered with a plaid.
    • After an hour, the mixture needs to be washed off.

    Oil wrap for slimming with algae

    For wraps, usually used laminaria or fucus - these algae can be purchased at the pharmacy.

    • To prepare an effective mask, it is necessary to soak 3 tablespoons of ground algae in the same amount of warm water, and then drain the un-watered water.
    • To the resulting mass should be added lemon( 10 drops), camphor oil( 1 tablespoon) and yolk( 1 pc.).
    • The composition should be evenly applied to the problem areas of the skin, wrap them with a film and a warm blanket.
    • Wash off after 1 hour.

    Oily wrapping for slimming with clay

    For the preparation of a clay-oil mixture for wrapping it is recommended to use blue cosmetic clay.

    • 100 g of clay must be diluted in water to have a creamy consistency.
    • In the clay mass, add 30 ml of almond oil and a couple drops of orange and lavender oil.
    • The duration of this procedure is 60 minutes.

    Oil wrap for slimming with honey

    Honey is a product that is widely used to preserve youth and improve skin condition. The combination of honey and any citrus oil will help those who lose weight get rid of cellulite, stretch marks, accelerate metabolic processes in tissues and get rid of excess volumes.

    • For preparation of the composition you need to take mustard powder and liquid honey( 2 tablespoons) and natural olive oil( 1 tablespoon).
    • First you need to warm up the honey to 40 degrees, then add the remaining components.
    • Due to the fact that mustard powder can cause burning, the duration of the procedure will depend on the health of the slimming. To sustain on a body the agent it is necessary on the average 30-40 minutes.
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    Body wraps for losing weight at home: reviews, videos, results of weight loss ^

    The results of oil wraps for losing weight at home can be significantly improved if you combine the wrapping procedure with the performance of simple physical exercises and observance of elementary rules of healthy nutrition.

    For a complete course consisting of 10-15 procedures, you can get rid of 2-3 centimeters in the waist and hips, and lose 4-5 kilograms.

    Reviews of wraps with essential oils for weight loss can only be found positive:

    Valentina, 30 years old:

    "Wraps did not help me lose weight effectively, but significantly improved the skin, making it smoother, more elastic and more attractive."

    Vlada, 23 years:

    "For a month now I have been wrapping with a clay-oil mixture. As a base oil I use olive, as an additional - citrus. For this month I lost 5 kg, got rid of cellulite and stretch marks. "

    Tatiana, 26 years old:

    "All my life I have been striving to make my figure perfect. I achieved the ideal weight with the help of a rigid diet and exhausting physical exercises, but I could not get rid of cellulite and stretch marks. To help me came oil wraps with almond, cypress, lavender, lemon oil. "