• How do I know if my baby is getting enough milk?

    After the first or second month, you will intuitively know that your child is getting enough milk. He will be heavier in weight and in appearance. In the first few weeks, however, it is not so easy to determine, especially if you first became a mother. Here are some signs that the first few weeks in

    can determine if enough milk is given to the child.

    • A child who receives a sufficient amount of milk usually dries an average of six to eight tissue diapers( four to six disposable diapers) per day after the first three days of adapting to an extra-uterine life. A sufficient number of wet diapers indicates that the child is not dehydrated.

    • The changes undergone by the child's chair give you another indication of how much milk the child receives. In the first week, your child's chair should normally turn from sticky black to green, and then brown;as soon as your fat, thick, last milk appears, the stool will become more yellow. As soon as your child's chair looks like a yellow granular mustard, this will serve as a sign that your newborn is getting enough high-calorie back milk. In the first month or in the first two months, a child who receives enough fatty milk usually has at least two or three yellow granular stools a day. Because breast milk produces a natural laxative effect, some infants may have a stool during or after each feeding.

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    • You may feel that your chest is full before feeding, that it is less complete after feeding

    and it can leak between the feeds - all signs of sufficient milk production and sufficient emptying. After a few months, the leakage usually disappears, even though you still have enough milk. The behavior of your child during sucking and its content look - here are additional tips if you have enough milk. If you feel that your child is sucking vigorously, hear him swallow, feel like milk is being drawn out in your chest, and see that your child is carefree asleep in sleep, then most likely the baby gets enough milk.