• How to express milk manually

    Advantages of using manual decanting technology instead of mechanical breast pump are as follows:

    • Some mothers find breast pumps uncomfortable or ineffective.

    • Mothers often feel that they are unnecessary, they are superseded by all this technique and prefer a natural approach.

    • Stimulation of the skin to the skin in fact can more effectively produce a reflex of milking.

    • Your hands always "help out" - they are convenient, portable, always available nearby, and they are free!

    Note: Techniques for the manual expression of breast milk can be very individual. I studied

    in 1975, when I had a third child. When he was a month, I worked several times a week for half a day, and I wanted to leave my breast milk for him. I found out that I can express about 180-240 ml of milk in about twenty minutes during a lunch break. At first I practiced doing it at home, so my first experience, my tests and mistakes took place in a more relaxed atmosphere. A week or two before returning to work, I began to create a stock of milk, expressing only 30-60 ml in the morning, when my breasts were overcrowded. Therefore, I already had a few bottles of 120 ml

    - in the freezer, which gave me extra time to find out how things would go far from home.

    That's how I did it at work. I locked the toilet door so that nobody could disturb my privacy, washed my hands, then relaxed and settled comfortably. A large gulp of water helped my chest to fill, and I thought of my little Peter, about how he lay at my chest just a few hours ago, when I fed him before leaving. Before proceeding directly to the decantation of the milk, I massaged my breasts( both at once), which helped me to relax even more and sometimes even included a lactation reflex, so that the milk began to drip. I had a single tool - a plastic bottle, and I just went for