• Does coffee help prevent premature death?

    According to the researchers, for this it is enough to drink about 4 cups of this drink during the day. Scientists have been studying this issue for 10 years and concluded that the risk of premature death is significantly less in coffee lovers compared to those who do not drink this drink. In this case, the most immediate causes of death can be a variety of diseases.

    There is a considerable amount of biologically active compounds in coffee, of which potassium, phenolic acid and caffeine are particularly noteworthy. It is these substances, scientists believe, that are an important factor that contributes to reducing the likelihood of early mortality from a number of diseases. It is important to note that fans of decaffeinated coffee also had a longer life expectancy. Therefore, the reason is not only in caffeine, but also in other substances - potassium and phenolic acid.

    The study was conducted at the Rockville National Cancer Institute for 10 years. It involved more than 90,000 people who suffered from some form of cancer. Before the study began, accurate information was collected on whether a person consumed coffee, how often and in what quantities. Other questions were also asked about nutrition, habits and overall health.

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    During the study, about 9,000 people, of those who participated in it, died. Scientists evaluated the impact of several additional factors that could accelerate such an outcome. In this case, the presence of harmful habits and other factors contributing to the reduction of life expectancy was taken into account. As a result, the conclusion of scientists is that most often those who did not drink coffee died. Among fans of this drink was noted a lower mortality rate.

    The best indicators were for participants who consumed 4 to 5 cups of coffee. In this group were those who drank this drink without caffeine. Also good results were among participants who consumed about 2-3 cups of coffee daily. In this case, the probability of a lethal premature outcome decreased by approximately 18%.

    As for the diseases themselves, among the lovers of this drink, cardiovascular diseases were less often detected, they suffered less from diabetes, less often from influenza and pneumonia. It was noted and another interesting feature - coffee lovers were less susceptible to suicidal tendencies.

    Also, scientists noted the relationship between the use of this drink and useful habits. Regular exercise, active lifestyles and lack of bad habits were additional positive factors for increasing the lifespan of coffee lovers.

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