• Why is carnelian useful?

    In its medical practice, the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates( IV century BC) adhered to a simple principle: Nature in the search for ways does not need reflection, it achieves the goal in the absence of teachings. At the same time, when the doctor uses the newest methods and equipment for healing, the principle of the healing power of nature will be pushed to the background. Medicine is fixated on the treatment of consequences, not causes. Against the backdrop of such a direction, the fact of the emergence of serdulotherapy, which appeared in the pre-war time, stands apart. The basis of the method was laid down by the biologist Badigina E. And the technique of treatment. In the 40s of the XX century.the method has undergone serious tests and caused controversy and discussions involving well-known health care professionals of the USSR.

    A single opinion was not reached, but during the war in Omsk evakahpitalah Badigin with permission of the People's Commissar for Health was used to treat the wounded soldiers. The design of the device before genius is simple. At a hair dryer habitual to all, the hairbrush is replaced by a metal tube, at the output of which a piece of cornelian weighing about 30 g is strengthened. It is important that the mineral has milky-white opaque veins, which are the source of healing radioactivity.

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    Elixir of youth?

    The essence of the method consists in "irradiating" the site of the disease from 5 to 50 seconds with a strongly heated carnelian( separation point of 2-3 cm) or the whole organism, concentrating on the nerve pathways, arteries and lymph nodes around the site of the disease. The subsequent examination of the participants in the experiment showed that a wide range of diseases has undoubtedly cured:

    • of the heart and the vascular system;
    • respiratory tract;
    • joints and organs of motion;
    • blood;
    • of the nervous and endocrine system.

    This stone is known to healers for a long time. In ancient Armenia, for example, people who received serious trauma or dislocation were put on a dry cornelian pebble. According to centuries-old beliefs, he pacified nervous and febrile states. Chemical analysis of carnelian made before the war showed that 2.1 g of radium and 5.1-12 g of thorium, as well as helium and argon, account for 1 g of mineral. The composition is similar to the therapeutic mud of the most popular mineral waters. In fact, this is a dry radioactive bath, enhancing oxidation-reduction reactions in the body and stimulating the biochemical processes of the cell, disturbed by the disease.


    • restores the nervous system;
    • normal metabolism is restored.

    In the future, the body itself copes with local problems. Radioactivity?!Dangerous! But radiation of radiation is different. These are levels close to the natural average radioactivity of the human body. With a number of diseases, the human body is disturbed by radioactive equilibrium, which, apparently, is the moment that aggravates the disease. Hypothetically, irradiation compensates for this loss, and the body begins to cope with the disease-causing principle itself. This may be due to exposure to microdoses of radiation or the finest, not yet open ranges. All this is to be clarified.

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