• Nutrition rules for hypertension

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    Proper nutrition with hypertension is the one hundred percent guarantee of successful treatment of high blood pressure. Do not be surprised: the best therapists and cardiologists around the world have noticed for a long time that many of the patients, having taken control of blood pressure in time with the help of diet in combination with physical exercises, are trying to maintain pressure in a normal state without taking medication.

    Principles of building the right food

    Properly selected food for hypertension can affect the body so effectively that you no longer have to resort to medical drugs for hypertension and feel a negative manifestation of their side effects.

    The diet for hypertension for a week should be designed so that with the simultaneous exclusion from the diet of unwanted products, the patient could receive at the same time all the necessary nutrients. It is important not to overeat, it is better to eat often, but in small portions. We will cite approximately at hypertension for a week.

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    Day 1: bake a meat souffle, cook the milk manna porridge, brew tea. Such an easy, but hearty breakfast will give the body the right substances after an overnight rest. After a couple of hours you can eat a few fresh apples. For lunch, you can eat soup on chicken broth, rice with fried chicken, drink with compote. At mid-afternoon snacks with sugar is recommended to drink with a rose hips decoction. For dinner, fit fish and stewed carrots with prunes, at night - kefir.

    Day 2: for breakfast, eat half the buckwheat porridge, drink tea with milk. As a second breakfast, drink carrot juice or a broth of dried black currant with 1 teaspoon of sugar added. For dinner, eat borscht on mucous broth from wheat bran, do not salt;rice pilaf with dried apricots;broth of dogrose. For a snack drink fruit juice, for dinner, prepare a cheese soufflé and tea with milk. Before going to bed, take a broth of dogrose.

    Day 3: for breakfast - buckwheat or oatmeal porridge, grated carrots with apples, tea. The second breakfast is soaked dried apricots. For lunch - borscht on mucous broth from wheaten bran, fried meat, hardwood lettuce, blackcurrant jelly dried. For a snack - fresh apples. Supper - carrot cutlets with shredded apples, curd soufflé and lemon tea. Before going to bed - a decoction of dogrose.

    Day 4: first breakfast - cottage cheese with stale bread, jam, butter, tea. The second breakfast consists of rusks with vegetable or fruit juice. For lunch, you can eat boiled fish, mashed potatoes or a stew of vegetables, fruit jelly, and drink carrot juice. For an afternoon snack - apples, for dinner - buckwheat porridge and yogurt, at night - kefir.

    Day 5: for breakfast, cook on the milk porridge "Hercules", eat a hard-boiled loaf with butter. The second breakfast is fruit. For lunch - vegetable soup with vermicelli on proteins, meatballs, beet mashed, baked sweet apple. For a snack - kefir, for dinner - lazy vareniki and tea with milk. Before going to bed - a decoction of dogrose.

    Day 6: for breakfast - soft-boiled egg, honey, stale bread, milk. The second breakfast is fruit juice. Lunch - vegetable soup, soufflé from cottage cheese, vinaigrette or salad with vegetable oil, plum compote. For a mid-morning snack - mousse or jelly from fruit. Dinner - boiled potatoes, lean ham, salad from grated apples, tea with milk.

    Day 7: first breakfast - buckwheat porridge crumbly, salad from fresh cabbage, coffee with milk. At the second breakfast - razmochenny raisin and vegetable juice. Lunch - vegetarian potato soup, rice pilaf with boiled meat, broth of wild rose. Snack - soaked dried apricots. Dinner - jellied fish, cutlets from potatoes, tea with milk. Before going to bed - kefir. During the day to all dishes: 30 gsahara, 150 ghleba with bran.

    Which diet should I follow for hypertension 2 and 3?

    Fit correctly, nutrition with hypertension can completely relieve you of the disease. For example, a diet for hypertension of the 2 nd degree consists in consuming a large number of cereals, fruits, vegetables, meat, low-fat sour-milk products. It is recommended to enrich the diet with foods high in potassium and magnesium.

    The diet for hypertension 3 degrees, however, as with other degrees, implies the use of foods that contribute to the retention of atherosclerosis. Especially useful is curd, yogurt, whey, egg whites, peas, boiled beef. Radish, green onions, lemons, black currants should be constantly present on your table. Compliance with such a diet effectively reduces the level of toxins that have accumulated in the body. From the use of salt it is desirable to refuse completely, in extreme cases, reduce it to a minimum( half a teaspoon a day).

    Harmful products with hypertension

    Foods with hypertension listed below are recommended to be completely excluded from the diet:

    • foods with high caffeine content;
    • spicy, salty, smoked and spicy dishes and foods;
    • fatty meat, dairy and fish products;
    • confectionery products on oil cream, baking;
    • by-products( brain, liver and kidneys);
    • any alcoholic beverages.

    Role of ginger

    Ginger and hypertension are closely interrelated. This universal healing plant has long been known for its wide range of therapeutic effects. Being in the composition of other drugs, ginger acts as an effective preventive agent, reducing the increased pressure, as well as the strength and frequency of hypertensive crises. This effect is caused by the fact that ginger liquefies blood like acetylsalicylic acid and simultaneously relaxes the muscles that surround the blood vessels.

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