Causes of exacerbation of liver diseases and diet in liver disease

  • Causes of exacerbation of liver diseases and diet in liver disease

    Liver diseases, among which the hepatitis of various origins are usually leading, are not amenable to treatment and therefore recovery can be prolonged for a long period of time. There are no special drugs that guarantee the full restoration of the body, so the diet with liver disease plays a primary role.

    Causes of development and exacerbation of liver damage

    The most common liver diseases are chronic forms of cholecystitis and hepatitis. The following factors contribute to the aggravation of any defeat:

    • Influence of infections.
    • Subcooling.
    • Incorrect power and power mode.
    • Overstrain.
    • Frequent use of alcohol.
    • Overeating, especially with fatty, sharp, smoked and salty foods and foods.
    • Consumption in a large number of products with a high concentration of cholesterol.

    Proper treatment of liver damage can be prescribed only by a doctor, and it will depend entirely on the stage of the disease and the condition of the patient.

    The diet in liver disease is of great importance. Patients should eat a fractionally, competently combining fats, proteins and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals.

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    If a serious indication is found, the specialist prescribes a course of cholagogue, anesthetics and inflammatory medications.

    Proper nutrition in the diagnosis of liver damage

    The diet for a sick liver is based on observing the following symptoms:

    • Every day, digestible proteins must enter the body together with food in the right amount.
    • The amount of fat in the diet is set individually - the doctor, if necessary, recommends increasing the intake of vegetable oil to increase the excretion of bile.
    • If liver disease is accompanied by obesity, then the concentration of carbohydrates is reduced, and for other people carbohydrates are included in accordance with physiological needs.
    • To prevent overload, patients are advised to eat mashed or chopped food.
    • With liver pathology, nutrition requires a fractional approach - this regimen helps to normalize the functions of the organ, prevents constipation, normalizes digestive processes and ensures the excretion of bile.
    • It is also required to include in the diet, especially with obesity of the liver - foods enriched with fiber that support the excretion of bile and help to free the body of toxins and excess cholesterol.

    What is prohibited in liver damage

    1. It is necessary to exclude fried foods from the diet for a year or longer. You can remove the frying pan further, as the food ration is based on boiled dishes and dishes cooked in a double boiler. This is an undeniable principle of proper nutrition with increased liver and other pathologies.
    2. Complete refusal from drinking alcohol. Ethanol is a kind of poison that violates the structure of the liver cells. Even small doses of alcohol deal a crushing blow to the body, which is fraught with the development of cirrhosis with a fatal outcome.
    3. The diet should also disappear: fatty meat and any fats of animal origin, which are recommended to replace lean meat and lean fish.
    4. Proper nutrition requires a complete rejection of offal.
    5. The use of confectionery products is contraindicated, even in a situation, if the high concentration of fats is not outwardly determined on them, but there they are exactly present.
    6. Dietary nutrition for liver damage involves the rejection of chocolate, ice cream, sweets, cocoa and coffee for a long time.
    7. Separate mention deserve spices and spicy dishes - you need to abandon the pickles, smoked dishes, horseradish and mustard. This is just a matter of principle and if you allow a slight relaxation in a diet when talking about chocolate or coffee, even a single use of spicy dishes will significantly worsen the already achieved results of the treatment process.
    8. Among other things, the diet will require the exclusion of onions, tomato juice, garlic and legumes.

    If you continue to consider all dietary prohibitions for liver damage, it is important to remember that nutrition in such pathologies implies the complete exclusion of products such as ketchup, mayonnaise, canned food, soups from meat or mushroom broth, mushrooms, radish, spinach, sorrel, carbonateddrinks, red caviar and sweet peppers.

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