Not only doctors and nurses are responsible for the increase in mortality, but officials

  • Not only doctors and nurses are responsible for the increase in mortality, but officials

    The death rate for the 1st quarter in Russia increased by 3.7%.For this reason, Vladimir Putin instructed to understand the reasons for this phenomenon. At the same time, the Committee of Civil Initiatives prepared a report on the causes of death in Russia. The authors of this report believe that the optimization carried out in the healthcare sphere, as well as the transfer of this field to the economic one from the social one, only complicated the life for the most part of Russians.

    The report states that, given the mortality rate for the first quarter, this indicator will reach over 2 million people during the year. At the same time, there is an increase in mortality among persons aged 35-44 who are of the able-bodied population. The authors of the report believe that the increase in mortality is due to systemic errors of health system managers, and is not a random fluctuation of indicators.

    This trend is based on the transfer of this area to the economic plane, which is carried out behind the scenes. This led to a significant number of paid medical services, which come to replace free of charge. In practice, medical assistance is not free, as stated in the Constitution of the Russian Federation. It was found that the costs of the population for medicinal products are almost 2 times higher than expenditures of the budget and compulsory medical insurance. All these facts are set out in a report prepared by Sergei Ermakov - Doctor of Economics and Doctor of Medical Sciences Yuri Komarov.

    The authors also give a negative evaluation of the ongoing optimization in the health care system. In the course of such optimization, a large number of medical institutions are being liquidated and their enlargement is simultaneous. All this has led to the fact that medical care has become less accessible.

    The greatest worsening of the situation is observed in the North-West and Central part of Russia, Lipetsk, Kursk and Tambov regions. At the same time the Nizhny Novgorod region does not belong to problem regions. There was a 3-fold decrease in the natural decline in the population, and a one-third reduction in infant mortality is also observed.

    The policy of optimizing the medical system in the Nizhny Novgorod region was positively evaluated by the Minister of Health of the region. Its goal is to increase the accessibility and quality of care, while optimization is due to the merger of institutions. For example, there is a consolidation of a polyclinic with a hospital in a single complex. At the same time, medical personnel - doctors, nurses, and nurses - are not reduced. The only thing was that the deputy chief doctors were cuts in administrative work. The results of this optimization speak for themselves: mortality in the region has decreased from various diseases( from tuberculosis - by 35%, from cardiovascular pathology - by 6.7%, from respiratory system diseases - by 7.3%).There was also a decrease in mortality due to various neoplasms - by 2.1%.

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