• Diseases of the mouth - win without difficulty!

    Today, medical statistics indicate the spread of viral diseases of the oral cavity. The course of such diseases can be acute, chronic and latent. The most common viral illness of the oral cavity is herpes.

    Diseases of the oral cavity are numerous. The main ones are gum inflammation, aphthous stomatitis, glossalgia and glossitis, gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontosis, oral cavity leukoplakia, oral thymus, phlegmon, ulcerative necrotic stomatitis.

    The main causes of any oral disease are, as a rule, not compliance with hygiene standards for oral care and teeth, as well as trauma and mechanical damage to gum tissue, teeth, chemical damage to the mucosa, allergic reactions to food. Among the physiological causes that cause such diseases, you can call metabolic disorders, liver disease and gastrointestinal tract.

    Consider some diseases of

    The most common disease is gingival inflammation - gingivitis. The first signs of this disease - it's redness, swelling and bleeding gums.

    Inflammation of the oral cavity is caused by bacteria that accumulate at the base of the tooth and on the teeth, gradually transforming into tartar.

    Has three forms of the disease:

    1. acute,
    2. chronic,
    3. recurrent.

    In addition to bacteria, gingivitis can arise from a malocclusion, the remains of food between the teeth and a seal that was placed either very long ago or incorrectly.

    Prevention is the maintenance of oral hygiene. And the self-treatment is carried out only by a dentist. It consists in eliminating all the factors that led to the onset of the disease.

    Also in patients there is stomatitis - inflammation of the oral mucosa. The causes of stomatitis are many. For example, thrush of the oral cavity, caused by excessive acceptance of medicines, can also cause stomatitis.

    The origin of stomatitis is divided into several types:

    • Viral stomatitis
    • Aphrodite stomatitis
    • Herpes stomatitis
    • Ulcerative stomatitis
    • Fungal
    • HIV stomatitis
    • Gonorrhea
    • Allergic

    Although the origin is different, but the symptomatology of all types of stomatitis is almost the same, it is burning and dry. To the dentist at statement of this diagnosis in treatment the therapist helps. Without his help it will be difficult to determine the causes of stomatitis. And it is extremely not advisable to treat it at home with folk remedies such as mouthwash soda solution. This not only does not help, but in combination with medications can cause dysbacteriosis of the oral cavity.

    Diseases of the oral cavity include in their list and various inflammations of the language. This glossitis is an inflammation of the mucous tongue and papillitis is an inflammation of the papillae of the tongue. With glossitis, the disease most often affects only the surface of the tongue. But with severe traumas of the tongue, with the penetration of a traumatic object into the muscles of the tongue, the disease may become complicated by an abscess.

    Glossitis can also cause various diseases, which at first glance to the oral cavity have nothing to do with. Basically, these are inflammatory processes in the internal organs of a person. The causes of the disease are still drugs from a number of antibiotics, sulfonamides.

    Excessive use of drugs can also damage the bottom of the mouth. There can also be inflammatory processes in the form of small sores.

    Fungal infections of the oral cavity - this is another reason for the appearance of glossitis

    The cause of papillitis is usually small wounds of the surface of the tongue and infection of the mouth.

    In both cases of language damage, it becomes painful, thickens and interferes with coherent speech. Treatment takes place depending on the causes of the onset. For example, with fungal infection, antibiotics and mouth rinses are used. If the cause of the disease are drugs, then they should be canceled or replaced with appropriate medications. In addition, vitamin preparations are additionally prescribed. Self-management is contraindicated. Treatment is prescribed only by the dentist with the assistance of a physician-physiotherapist. Also consultations of the gastroenterologist, the endocrinologist are not excluded.

    In case of any illness in the oral cavity, you need to see a doctor for the appointment of a professional treatment. And it is best to do prevention, because most diseases can be avoided.

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