• Department of Public Health

    Head of the Ministry of Health Veronika Skvortsova signed a decree on the creation of a new department. It is assumed that the newly created Department of Public Health and Communications in the Ministry of Health will be involved in the planning and development of health policy. It is planned that at the head of the new department will be Oleg Salagai, who is one of the authors of the anti-tobacco law.

    Of the main functions of the department, it is possible to mention the issues of elaborating the state policy in the field of public health. At the same time, the main emphasis is on reducing alcohol and tobacco consumption. Also, the Department's tasks will include stimulating the physical activity of the population and promoting healthy lifestyles. On the above topics it is planned to strengthen the communication unit in the department.

    According to Izvestia, the head of the Department of Public Health will be a doctor Oleg Salagai, who is the press secretary of the head of the Ministry of Health. It is planned that he will continue to occupy his current post. Oleg Salagai is known for being one of the authors of the previously adopted anti-smoking law.

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    At present, the Ministry of Health has 16 departments, of which seven are functional( for example, financial, legal, IT department, etc.), as well as nine branch departments - organizations of medical care and sanatorium, emergency and expertactivities, medical care for children and obstetrics services, innovative development and scientific design, medical education, state regulation of the circulation of medicines,spracheniya and regulation of the circulation of medical products, strategic development and the Department of Health and Sanitary and Epidemiological Well-being Rights.

    The Department of Health Protection includes departments aimed at the prevention of mass non-communicable diseases and human security issues, ensuring coordination and analysis of the situation in the field of biological and chemical safety, sanitary and epidemiological regulation and technical regulation, the formation of a healthy lifestyle and strengtheninghealth.

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