• 7 facts about hepatitis

    Hepatitis can not be attributed to easy diseases without complications, so many myths and conjectures go around it. Given that there are several viruses that cause the disease, you can try to collect all the rare facts together. Forewarned - armed.

    The fact is the first - types of hepatitis

    Not in all cases, hepatitis is an infectious disease. You can get sick without getting infected from outside, if there is a toxic or autoimmune appearance. When toxic, the liver is affected by alcohol, chemical products, or medical products. And with autoimmune, the liver starts to attack the human body itself - and the reasons for such an "attack" are still unknown.

    The second fact - hepatitis C and B are susceptible not only to drug addicts

    Among the common ways to pick up the virus are marked:

    • manicure in the salon;
    • blood transfusion;
    • treatment by a dentist;
    • unprotected intercourse.

    The latter option can lead to infection with hepatitis A. The disease can cause:

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    • food intake prepared by a sick person( provided that he did not wash his hands);
    • reception of contaminated water.

    The third fact is that each country has its own virus

    . Viral hepatitis varies in different continents, therefore it is recommended to pass an appropriate vaccination before going abroad. Among the frequently occurring viruses are A, B and C.

    The fourth fact is that hepatitis C and B causes liver cancer

    The disease is also dangerous due to the appearance of cancers. Chronic carriers of the virus in 80% of cases fell into oncology due to the constant inflammation of the liver, which turned into cirrhosis and ended with cancer. In addition, the immune system periodically attacks the affected liver cells, which further exacerbates the situation.

    The fifth-saving vaccine

    A single vaccination against all kinds of the virus has not yet been discovered, but there is a vaccine against hepatitis B and A. The first vaccine against hepatitis B is carried out within a few days after birth - and it is still being improved by scientists. Hepatitis C vaccines are not - and it is unlikely to appear because of the heterogeneity of the virus and its unique ability to hide behind the human immune system.

    The fact of the sixth - treatment of hepatitis is accompanied by depression

    Because the viruses are successfully treated with interferon, which causes a depressive state - a decrease in mood and vitality is inevitable. At the initial stages there is fatigue, lethargy and the desire to be alone, which subsequently turns into serious mental disorders.

    The seventh fact - hepatitis C medications can not be cheap

    Previously, this virus was almost untreatable, and about 50% of all patients recovered. And only recently there was a drug successfully coping with the task. The effect increased to 90%, but the cost of 1 tablet( about 1000 cu) is not affordable for everyone. A course of treatment lasting 3 months is supposed, and the price of full recovery is announced by a figure of 84 thousand dollars.

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