• Than superficial gastritis is dangerous: its treatment and diagnostics

    The sooner an accurate diagnosis is determined and the causes of the onset of the disease, the easier it will be to choose the method of treatment. The main thing is that the treatment of superficial gastritis could stop the disease at its early stage of development and help to follow preventive measures in the future.

    It is necessary to observe the causal relationship in therapy, namely: the cause that caused superficial gastritis - the treatment should be directed specifically at eliminating these causes. For example, if the cause was Helicobacterpylori bacteria, fungi or viruses, special treatment is needed to eliminate these pathogens.

    Carry out therapy with antibiotics, after a special diagnosis. One method determines the presence of antibodies in the blood that appear during the disease, and the other is based on the study of a piece of tissue affected by the mucosa.

    Before treating superficial gastritis with medicines, it is necessary to begin to observe a specially selected diet and restrict the intake of foods that could cause superficial gastritis. And it is best to drink only liquids in the first days of treatment, thereby reducing the effect of food on the mucous membrane. Additional methods of treatment include:

    • to restrict the intake of carbonated drinks, strong coffee and tea;
    • to adjust the intake of food in small portions, several times a day;
    • stop eating food "from the heat, with heat," that is, take it lightly cooled;
    • more to move to improve motor function of the stomach;
    • restrict the intake of medicines without the appointment of a specialist.

    Nutrition for superficial gastritis

    Special features of nutrition for superficial gastritis are the observance of a diet for a period of three months. There are general dietary rules and specially selected diets for various forms of superficial gastritis. Common is the mandatory presence in the diet of low-fat varieties of fish and meat, liquid food, rubbed soups, milk porridge, kissels.

    A good effect in the treatment is given before drinking a glass of medicinal alkaline( Borjom, Essentuki) or plain water. Specially selected diet is prescribed for superficial gastritis with a changed level of acidity, as well as for superficial antral gastritis.

    In parallel, it is necessary to exclude from the diet products that contain a lot of fiber, because these foods cause increased separation of gastric juice. Fresh milk should be replaced with dairy products, with a low percentage of fat. It is necessary to limit the use of various spices.

    If you abuse harmful habits( smoking, alcohol), you should consciously approach the treatment of superficial gastritis and limit their use. If you do this just because the doctor said or are going to temporarily give up harmful addictions, then this can cause a relapse of the disease. Think about whether the minute pleasure of walking on doctors and taking medication for the rest of your life?

    Drugs and treatment features for various forms of

    All medications for treatment can be divided into several groups.

    1. Drugs that have enveloping properties include Almagel, Maalox, and Fosfalugel. Protect the gastric mucosa from food.
    2. Means, which reduce the production of gastric juice, include proton pump inhibitors( omeprazole), histamine blockers( famotidine).
    3. Drugs that increase gastric motility include prokinetics( motilium).
    4. Means that can protect mucosal cells, so-called mucus production enhancers( solcoseryl, biogastron).

    Features of drug treatment of superficial antral gastritis consist in the mandatory elimination of harmful bacteria that caused a change in the secretion of gastric juice in the antrum. Depending on the course of the disease, multicomponent antibiotic therapy is prescribed, which includes proton pump inhibitors. The course of treatment is designed for two weeks, and an obligatory condition after its end is a control study with the help of a gastroscopy.

    Treatment of diffuse gastritis also has its own characteristics. Since with the diffuse surface gastritis the entire surface area of ​​the gastric mucosa, it is best to starve for the duration of treatment, taking only liquids, and after a few days, when the symptoms subsided, switch to soft and liquid foods.

    Treatment with folk remedies

    The use of medicinal herbs and methods of traditional medicine pursues the same goal as the prescription of medicines, that is, increased mucus production, changes in acidity and motor skills, etc. You can use folk methods in parallel with drug therapy and diet. For this, the following medicinal products are used:

    • decoction of flax seeds( enveloping);
    • potato, orange, tomato juices( improving appetite);
    • collection of sage, chamomile, yarrow, celandine( relieving inflammation);
    • broth of dogrose with the addition of honey( source of vitamin C);
    • infusion from the leaves of plantain( healing);
    • infusion of wormwood and St. John's wort( increases appetite);
    • decoction from burdock root( wound healing).
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