• Viral tonsillitis is a dangerous infectious disease!

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    Viral tonsillitis is an infectious disease in which inflammatory process of palatine tonsils can be noted. Very often angina are affected by children, especially in the winter.

    The main causes and symptoms of the disease

    In most cases, this disease occurs due to streptococcus, staphylococcus or pneumococcus, which enter the body by airborne droplets. But there is also a viral sore throat - here the causative agent is the virus. These include angina, caused by infection of the herpes simplex virus.

    To diagnose - angina, including viral, can only the doctor after a special diagnosis. Only after this, appropriate treatment is prescribed.

    Usually, the disease begins suddenly: a high fever, increased cervical and submandibular lymph nodes.

    In addition, among the symptoms are irritability, lack of appetite due to severe sore throat, headache, joint aches. On the tonsils you can notice a white or yellowish coating.

    Possible complications of

    It is not recommended to treat viral sore throat yourself. Any means and methods of treatment should be approved by a specialist. It should be understood that an incorrect approach to this disease can lead to the development of chronic tonsillitis, which is very difficult to cope with.

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    The disease can also give such complications:

    • pyelonephritis;
    • articular rheumatism;
    • is an inflammation of the middle ear.

    To avoid complications, you need to follow the doctor's recommendations and keep bed rest until all the symptoms of the disease disappear.

    Treatment of viral sore

    Almost always treatment includes taking antibiotics. But what antibiotics to drink, because today their choice is simply huge? Naturally, without consulting a doctor, it is better not to go to the pharmacy, but in most cases it's antibiotics from the discharge of penicillin, ampicillin and others.

    It is very important not to stop treatment when the obvious symptoms disappear - the treatment period for angina with antibiotics is at least 7 days.

    How to treat children

    The treatment of viral sore throat in children is slightly different from that of adults. In this case, antibiotic therapy is appointed last, because it has a lot of contraindications, for example, dysbacteriosis or an allergic reaction.

    Viral angina in children is often treated with non-medicinal methods. To begin with, you need to cleanse the baby's body of toxins with an enema. Since the water enema is contraindicated for children due to the fact that water is easily absorbed into the walls of the intestine, they usually make a hypertonic solution. In 200 ml of warm water, dilute 1 teaspoon.salt.

    In colitis or a sick bowel, you can also make a curative enema. In warm water, you need to add a strained solution of mint, chamomile flowers or yarrow.


    There should not be high-calorie dishes in the child's menu. Flour products, sweets, spicy, salty, fatty and fried foods, animal proteins are all better left for later.

    The appetite of a child will be reduced, but if he wants to eat something, offer him dried fruits, a baked apple, grapefruit or an orange. Also, make sure that the child drinks as much liquid as possible( juices, fruit drinks, herbs from herbs, kissels).


    If the child has a viral sore throat, take care of the frequent rinsing of the throat. This is very important during the treatment period.

    Effective means for gargling:

    • water with honey( honey can also be combined with aloe juice);
    • decoction of plantain;
    • freshly squeezed beet juice with apple cider vinegar;
    • infusion of sage;
    • "seawater".


    With the help of cold warming compresses that are placed on the neck, you can activate blood circulation and accelerate recovery. It is necessary to take canvas fabric and lower it into cold water. Squeeze and wrap around the neck. Then cover with a dry towel and wrap it with a warm scarf.

    This compress should be kept around the neck for about 2 hours. For high efficiency, you can do it 2-3 times a day. In the water for compress, lemon juice is also added - this compress should not fall on the spinal column.

    Well curd and compress. It is necessary to warm up the cottage cheese, spread it on a cloth and wrap this throat. You can fix the compress with a bandage and leave it on your neck for the whole night. This procedure can be carried out only once every three days.

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