• Laser removal of tonsils: basic methods

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    With the onset of cold seasons, each of us faces such a disease as angina. Many are struggling with this misfortune every year more and more. The fact is that when the body is in contact with a large number of infections, tons of dead microbes begin to accumulate on tonsils and a large amount of pus is formed.

    Pulp-filled tonsils cease to function. After that they begin to multiply pathogenic microbes. This is how chronic tonsillitis develops. And this can entail not only angina, but also one of its serious complications.

    Complications can start to bother you after 2-3 weeks after exacerbation of tonsillitis. This is due to the fact that the microbes that live in the affected tonsils are carried throughout the body, enter the bloodstream and poison the organs, that is, the tonsillogenic intoxication occurs. For this reason people suffer from increased fatigue, headache, joint and muscle pain, increased body temperature.

    Blood hemoglobin reduction and ESR increase( erythrocyte sedimentation rate) are also observed for blood analysis. These microbes can cause inflammation in the body( sinusitis, otitis, acne on the face, etc.).Serious complications after angina are diseases affecting joints and heart, rheumatism and glomerulonephritis - a dangerous inflammation of the kidneys. Like all diseases, tonsillitis requires treatment.

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    There are cases when tonsillitis is not cured by folk methods or medications and the patient becomes only worse, then the only way out is surgery.

    There are methods of partial removal of tonsils( laser, microdeveloper and ultrasound).These methods reduce the likelihood of complications and allow you to quickly return to the ordinary way of life.

    It should be noted that early autumn is the most favorable season for the removal of tonsils, since during this period, throat diseases are less frequent and there is time to get stronger after the operation until winter.

    Description of the method for removing tonsils with laser

    There are several types of laser, each of which is used in specific cases. There is a laser with fiber optics, which is used in case of involvement of a large part of the amygdala;holmium laser, which is used if the focus is inside the amygdala, and outside the tissue is healthy.

    There is also an option - an infrared laser, with which you can both cut and connect tissues. Carbon dioxide( carbon) laser acts on the site, while reducing it in size and eliminating all infections inside.

    Laser ablation is the laser removal of the surface layers of the amygdala( partial removal).It is performed with the aim of reducing inflammatory tissue phenomena and improving the drainage function of lacunae in chronic tonsillitis.

    Laser ablation of palatine tonsils is one of the effective ways to treat chronic tonsillitis. The operation is absolutely bloodless and painless.

    The price for removal depends on the method of disposal and starts from 1500.00 rub.for the procedure.

    Laser removal is a must if you:

    • frequent sore throats;
    • frequent formation of abscesses on the background of sore throat;
    • great damage to the tonsils with inflammation, which prevents them from performing their function;
    • on the background of angina there is a complication on the heart, joints or kidneys;
    • because of large inflamed tonsils there are difficulties in the airway;
    • there is no result from conservative treatment.

    If you find white spots on the tonsils and for a long time they do not pass, then this is a signal that an abscess has formed, pus accumulates in lacunas and you can not do without necessary treatment.

    It should be noted that when removing the laser, there is no bleeding and recovery occurs as quickly as possible.

    Treatment of tonsils with laser and its advantages

    • operation is performed under local anesthesia;
    • no blood;
    • the duration of the operation is 15-20 minutes;
    • stay at the hospital and a sick leave is not required.

    It is important to note that removal in children is possible only from the age of 10 years.

    There are also limitations for laser removal: diabetes mellitus, pregnancy, menstruation period, SARS, hemophilia and active tuberculosis.

    Laser therapy includes the possibility of direct irradiation of the amygdala, improving blood flow, causing anti-edematous effects, and also has a sanitizing effect on the tonsils.

    The most important advantage is that as a result of laser exposure, patients almost completely get rid of throat problems.

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