• Blood donation is a vital necessity

    About the important donor mission

    Each donor receives about 10% of the blood for one fence procedure. On the territory of the Russian Federation it is often possible to meet people with a second group. The rarest group is the fourth with a negative Rh factor.

    People with complex injuries and burns need donor blood. This includes patients who are undergoing an operation that involves significant blood loss.

    Donor material is also needed for people who have been diagnosed with severe diseases of the hematopoietic system. For example, leukemia. With chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which are used to treat cancer, blood counts decrease. Therefore, after carrying out these procedures, a transfusion is necessary. There are genetic diseases in which a person needs to transfusion for life. For example, with thalassemia.

    Drugs that are obtained from donor blood are used to treat hemophilia. Sometimes women need transfusion after giving birth and newborns.

    The absence of donor blood can be life threatening for people who need urgent transfusion.

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    Blood substitutes

    Nobody has yet been able to invent full blood substitutes, there are only drugs that can perform some of its vital functions. For example, the substance perfluorane can perform the task of erythrocytes - transfer oxygen. Before applying the drug, a biological test is necessarily done.

    Abroad, an oxygen carrier such as Hemopure has also been developed. It is based on bovine hemoglobin. Recently the drug was registered in the Russian Federation. Widely it is not used yet, since Hemopure has serious side effects.

    All blood substitutes created so far can perform only the function of red blood cells. But to replace the platelets and white blood cells have not yet been able to.

    With a large loss of blood in medicine, solutions are used that make up the volume of the circulating fluid. For example, Ringer's solution. Such drugs make it possible to avoid shock, which causes its acute loss, but they do not perform the basic functions of blood cells.

    Contraindications for donors

    In each country there are certain requirements that apply to a person who gives blood. It is interesting that in Russia these requirements are more stringent than in the territory of other powers.

    Not all countries can only be a donor who have reached adulthood. Unlike the Russian Federation, in the United Kingdom, a donor may be a teenager of 16 years of age who has parental permission.

    In Russia, women are forbidden to donate blood during menstruation. This prohibition does not exist in Austria and Spain.

    If you live in Russia and love travel, this can be an excuse to refuse to donate to you. To be more precise, after more than 3 months in "malaria" countries, people are allowed to become a donor only after three years.

    In the United States, people are forbidden to donate blood for 12 months after their arrival from Iraq.

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