• Follicular sore throat: treatment of children and adults

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    In this disease, the lymph nodes in the area of ​​the tonsils, or follicles, mainly suffer. Symptoms of follicular angina are as follows - tonsils increase, on the mucous membrane there is redness, there are abscesses. The sick man experiences weakness, feels unwell, his head and throat constantly hurts. It is not excluded and changes in the blood. Sometimes the patient is shivering, the body temperature can rise to 38-39 degrees.

    Usually follicular sore throat in the autumn-spring period is affected by children and adults under 40 years. As a rule, children are vomiting, diarrhea. The most common cause of the disease is an infection such as staphylococcus aureus. Sometimes adults can infect children, while not being sick themselves. In a word, if your diagnosis of follicular angina - treatment is mandatory.

    Let's figure out how to treat follicular angina

    First, the patient simply must comply with bed rest. Secondly, you need to drink as much warm drink. It is better if the menu during the illness will consist mainly of mashed puree. Thus, the mucous membrane of the larynx will not be irritated by hard food, which is difficult to swallow.

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    The main method of treatment for the diagnosis of follicular angina is antibiotics. Effective treatment is possible only with their use. What drugs are best to choose and how many times a day to take them - advises the doctor.

    The usual course of treatment for this disease does not last more than 10 days. Another effective way to treat angina is treating affected areas with a solution of furacilin or rinsing your throat. Tonsils can be processed with the help of cotton hygienic disks.

    When rinsing, you can use not only furatsilin, but also weak solutions of salt, soda, as well as herbal infusions. If someone from your family temporarily disabled follicular tonsillitis - treatment can be carried out using aerosols, which in modern times - a great many, in addition, they are very convenient to use.

    Perfectly fit and pastilles from angina, which, unlike tablets, you do not swallow, and dissolve. These include faryngosept, streptocide and septefril.

    Now let's talk about temperature. If the mark on the column of the thermometer does not exceed 38.5, do not try to knock it down. There is a natural struggle of the organism with the virus, which tries to subordinate it to itself. If the temperature gets higher, then you have to take all the measures to return it back to normal, otherwise blood clotting will begin. Usually, antipyretic drugs are used for this. A few days after the intensified treatment, the temperature will drop, the pain in the throat will come to naught and the patient will gradually recover.

    Methods of treatment of illness in children

    In children, this viral infection is also treated with antibiotics. The most common of these are cefuroxime, cefalixin and augmentin. Medicines for babies are best given in the form of suspensions, since they are unlikely to be able to swallow a bitter tablet. Sometimes, when taking these medications, allergic reactions may occur, so just in case buy fenistil, suprastin or tavegil, which will not allow them to develop.

    In the treatment of follicular sore throat, children are also recommended to use antiviral drugs: arbidol, rectal suppositories viferon, interferon and anaferon. In order for the child's gastrointestinal tract to work normally, give him a lineage or bifiform baby. For the treatment of the neck the aerosol tantum verde is quite suitable, which should be used no more than four times a day for a week. In addition, you can try miramistin, which is also sold as an aerosol.

    To treat a cold, use a weak saline solution to wash the nose or preparations containing sea salt( physiometer, aqualar, aquamaris).Suitable and widely distributed drops in the nose - nazivin or vibrotsil. After this, it is recommended to give the child a protargol or a dirin, which are medicinal remedies for the common cold.

    Of course, it is impossible to minimize the harm to health that viral infections can cause, so follicular tonsillitis should be treated according to the recommendations given by the doctor. In this case, the disease lasts no more than a week.

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