• Cosmetic masks

    Everybody knows how useful and valuable food is milk. His healing properties are also known to many. But the use of milk is not limited to this. Probably, there is no such woman who would not know about fine cosmetic properties of this product. The effect of milk and fermented milk products on the skin is incomparable. Therefore, various milk masks have been widely used, which carefully take care of the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it. If they say about the eyes that they are a "mirror of the soul," then it can be said about the skin that it is a "mirror of the body."

    The state of the skin can be used to judge the health and age of a woman. If you want to look young, take care of your skin, especially since she is a feminine gender, which means she loves attention and care just like women.

    Cosmetic masks are one of the most affordable and effective ways of skin care. With regular application, they can transform a woman. To the one who invented cosmetic masks, women should put a monument.

    Mask applied to unclean skin or improperly selected, can not only not have the desired effect, but even damage. Therefore, before you start using masks, carefully read the rules for their application and the rules for cleaning your face. Even if you do not use makeup, you still need to cleanse your skin and then apply the mask. You need to cleanse your skin every day before going to bed, regardless of whether you make a mask or not, because after a long day in rest, not only the body needs, but also the skin.

    Before applying the mask, you need to thoroughly clean the skin of make-up, dust and day cream. First, you must remove the decorative cosmetics, for which "melt" it with a small amount of cream or cosmetic milk. When removing cosmetics, the cream does not need to be rubbed or hammered into the skin. Draw a little cream on the pads of your fingers and apply on your face with light movements of both hands. Then, wipe the face with cotton wool or a light napkin and treat with lotion or soap alcohol. Once a week, it is recommended to massage the face and neck with a special round brush, soaked in soapy water. After the skin is cleaned and washed, you can start applying the mask. But there are tricks and rules in this process.

    The mask should be applied to the entire face, leaving the skin around the eyes and eyelids intact. The skin in these places is very tender and irritable, so it should be spared. Better before applying the mask, lubricate the places around the eyes and eyelids with a thin layer of nourishing cream. Usually, the mask is applied for 15 to 20 minutes, then removed with cotton wool or a napkin and rinsed with water.

    It should be remembered that in careful care not only needs a face, but also a neck. Care of the neck you need to start

    from 24 to 26 years. Applying a mask on your face, do not forget to apply it on your neck. Time to ensure that the mask is absorbed or dried, having affected the skin at the same time, does not require much, so try to lie down while relaxing all the muscles of the face and neck. In this situation, the mask will be particularly effective, and the skin will rest and recover.

    It is very important to choose the right mask that suits your skin type. Determine what type of skin your skin belongs to, and think about the effect it has on you. Then you just need to select the mask from the corresponding section, correctly prepare it and apply it neatly. Each mask has its own effect and affects skin in its own way. Some of them can have a particularly good effect on the look of your face. We wish to make the right choice and see the expected result in the mirror.