Allergy to the skin in children: we are looking for an allergen!

  • Allergy to the skin in children: we are looking for an allergen!

    Children are amazing creatures, they bring joy and meaning to our lives. Unfortunately, children sometimes get sick, then we are ready to turn mountains to help them. We strive to return as soon as possible the state of health and vivacity to the child, and to ourselves a state of undisturbed joy.

    One of the most common problems is an allergy to the skin on the skin of children.

    Allergy to the skin on the skin in children, called in everyday diathesis, can manifest itself already in infancy. This, so-called, exudative-catarrhal diathesis.

    The occurrence of allergies in children occurs often throughout the body. On the skin appear red-pink scaly areas. The following types of rashes are very common: allergies in the hands of a child in a child's child, on the buttocks, back, an allergy in the child around the neck. If your baby became the owner of "blossoming" cheeks - the child has an allergy on the cheeks.

    The cause of the appearance of such spots, as a rule, is a food allergy, and any product can serve as an allergen. Products that cause allergies in children are very diverse. Sometimes even the most "harmless" of them are capable of provoking the strongest allergic reaction. And fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are potentially allergens.

    About fruits and vegetables all mothers are well aware, red color is a risk area. This means that the fruits, colored by nature in red, unambiguously cause allergies in children prone to such a reaction.

    What can an allergy be to?

    For example, the occurring allergy to apples in children, is especially acute in the red varieties of apples. An allergy to a child's curd is a signal that the baby's body is coping poorly with cow's milk protein. Although, in the case when cottage cheese is used in the diet with a variety of flavors, it may be that the cow protein has nothing to do with it, and the cause of the allergy should be sought in these most flavoring additives.

    It's hard to believe, but a neutral substance like water can also cause allergies. However, this is so. Although before you make such a diagnosis, you should make sure that the allergy is not something else: soap, detergent, baby cream. This kind of allergy is one of the most difficult, because it is almost impossible to eliminate the allergen, the child needs to bathe and conduct a variety of hygiene procedures.

    The child's allergy to water requires special attention during bathing: the addition of a variety of emollients and products that directly affect the foci of diathesis. But the main way to combat the problem, if the baby has an allergy to water, is bathing the baby in boiled water, since boiling rids the water of chlorine, namely chlorine and irritation.

    Not such an amazing phenomenon, but from this absolutely no less unpleasant - allergy to dust in children. This type of allergy often develops into a chronic form, leading to asthma. There is an allergy to dust due to dust mites. These microscopic creatures live in furniture, toys, bedding, carpets. In a word, in all those things that accumulate dust. Therefore, daily cleaning is one of the main ways to combat allergy to dust. In addition, you should remove all pets from the house, do not smoke, do not use chemicals when cleaning.

    Symptoms of dust allergy to dust on dust are very simple. These are watery, itchy eyes, a persistent runny nose, coughing and sneezing attacks. If your child has noticed something similar - immediately to the doctor. Take measures to combat such an allergy as soon as possible.

    In general, skin allergy treatment always requires. The longer the treatment decision is delayed, the more likely it is to start the process. Then the subsequent treatment can take a lot of time. The main thing is to determine the allergen. When the allergen is determined, the main problem is solved quickly and easily - the problem of stopping all contacts with this allergen. The attending physician can recommend an ointment from an allergy on the skin.

    The use of ointment helps to alleviate the symptoms of allergies. A variety of folk remedies should be used with caution. This especially applies to herbs, because the herbs themselves can be allergens.

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