Ointment against allergies: which is better to choose?

  • Ointment against allergies: which is better to choose?

    Allergy manifestations can be very diverse - from severe general reactions that pose a threat to the life of the patient when untimely care is given to local symptoms that most often affect the skin and mucous membranes. But such "safety" of local allergy symptoms is rather doubtful:

    • the process of producing antibodies and multiplying immune cells in the body continues;
    • local manifestations disrupt sleep processes, reduce the performance of a person, provoke the development of nervousness;
    • constant irritation provokes the appearance of combs - the entrance gates for pustular infection.

    Some of the allergy remedies help eliminate the patient's complaints, others work to suppress mediator production, the third group binds allergens inside the body and speeds up the excretion.

    Any medications for relieving symptoms of intolerance should be prescribed by a qualified doctor - even a local ointment against allergies can cause complications if improperly selected, and unreasonable self-medication causes a worsening of the patient's condition.

    Local treatment - lotions, compresses, ointment against allergy

    Local treatment of the disease is usually prescribed if the clinical picture of the disease is dominated by local complaints - itching, redness of the skin, the appearance of blisters and wetting surfaces, as well as the appearance of pustular complications arising onbackground of allergic rashes. According to the principle of action, medicinal ointments and are divided into:

    • Hormonal ointments for the treatment of allergies - the composition of such medicines includes steroid hormones actingeposredstvenno mediators on the production and oppressing their education. A single active substance can eliminate several symptoms.
    • Non-hormonal ointments - active substances of such medicines eliminate certain symptoms - itching, swelling, redness, possible suppuration. A single active substance eliminates only one symptom, so most often one ointment against a given ailment contains several components.
    • Combined drugs , which simultaneously include hormonal and non-hormonal antiallergic drugs, antibiotics for the treatment of pustular complications - these drugs are most effective for the treatment of complicated forms of the disease.

    Features of treatment of the disease in some groups of patients

    In each case, an individual program is prepared for the treatment of the patient, which necessarily takes into account the patient's age, health in general and the presence of chronic diseases, and even which manifestations of allergies are most pronounced.

    Treatment of allergy in pregnant women

    Special attention should be paid to the reactions that occur in pregnant and lactating women. Ointment for allergies for pregnant and nursing should contain a minimum number of components and eliminate not the very pain, but its manifestations.

    The most popular and safe drugs for this category of patients are lanolin( Purelan, Oylatum) or zinc ointment-based ointments that reduce the dryness of the skin, remove irritation and create a protective film on its surface that prevents the penetration of the pustular microflora.

    Allergy in young children - how to treat properly

    Children in the vast majority of cases are the cause of the development of the disease become food products. Allergies in newborns who are naturally breastfed can be attributed to nutritional errors in the mother or to the rapid introduction of complementary foods. In the case of toddlers, artificial reactions may occur on certain components of the mixture, including cow milk as the basis for creating baby food.

    Drugs, including ointment for allergies for newborns, should be prescribed only in case of severe course of reactions, development of complications or severe violation of the child's condition. In this case, the doctor usually appoints one-component non-hormonal ointments with the minimum possible course of treatment or advises the use of drugs that reduce the dryness of the skin.

    Treatment of certain special diseases

    Allergic reactions can occur on virtually any part of the body surface, but in some cases, for example, when foci are located on the face or hands, fast-acting drugs are required.

    Often an ointment from an allergy on the face or an ointment from a solar allergy contains in its composition hormonal components - their use allows you to eliminate a cosmetic defect that is noticeable to others in a short period of time. Ointment from hand allergies, in addition to corticosteroids, contains antimicrobial components - this is a reliable prophylaxis or effective treatment of pustular complications. Allergy to mosquitoes is not a classic reaction, and anti-edema drugs are needed to eliminate it.

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