The main features of muscle malnutrition and treatment of the disease

  • The main features of muscle malnutrition and treatment of the disease

    Muscular hypotrophy is a specific kind of muscle dystrophy that results from a serious metabolic disorder, namely, a strong reduction in the supply of vital nutrients to the muscle tissues.

    This type of disease belongs to the category of very dangerous diseases and requires long-term and high-quality treatment. Hypotrophy is accompanied by a significant loss of body weight or some of its affected areas, organs and tissues( mainly muscular), as well as with the subsequent pathology of development or modification of the formed organ or muscle.

    Often this disease is caused by small children. Often the hypotrophy in its various manifestations is affected by the fetus of the future mother. Adult people are very rarely sick with muscle hypotrophy, but sometimes it even shows up in them.

    Causes of development of muscular hypotrophy

    Medical specialists distinguish several variants of the causative development of the disease with muscle hypotrophy. The first one is alimentary. In this case, muscular hypotrophy develops due to a lack or a significant overabundance of nutrients to the muscle tissues.

    The second variant of the development of hypotrophy is possible with infectious diseases. In this case, muscle malnutrition can occur both during the course of the infectious disease and after recovery. Occasionally, toxic hypotrophy may occur. This variant of the development of the disease can occur as a result of burns, severe poisoning, chemical damage to external and internal tissues.

    Another option for the development of the disease is all sorts of physical factors in the form of injuries to internal or external organs and tissues.

    There are so-called social causes of development of malnutrition( neurological), which contribute to the development of the disease through the adverse effects of harsh realities on the human body. These are the main reasons, as a result of which a variant of the development of a complex disease is possible.

    Less common causes of development of hypotrophy are hereditary factors, defects of various organs at birth, genetic alterations in the process of vital activity or immediately after birth.

    The most dangerous form of the disease

    Separate attention deserves the hypotrophy of the muscles of the lower limbs of man. The fact is, a typical disease of the muscles of the limbs of a person can lead to a loss of the ability to move independently or become bedridden at all. But this is in the worst cases of hypotrophy or in cases when the correct and effective treatment has not been performed in time.

    As for the lower extremities, the hypotrophy of the hip muscles is very common. This is due to the fact that the hip joint is constantly exposed to physical stress and various factors that can damage it. The development of the hypotrophy of the femoral muscles is promoted by all previously listed factors and variants of the development of the disease. That is, if individual organs or tissues are susceptible to the disease by hypotrophy under the influence of one or more factors, then the femoral muscles can succumb to a typical disease due to all of the above factors.

    This includes the hypotrophy of the calf muscles. These two areas of muscle tissue are most susceptible to such a disease as hypotrophy. Especially it concerns small and newborn children. The fact is that the child in his development requires a balanced and proper nutrition. In addition, small children are very prone to injuries, since their unformed muscles often lead them when traveling.

    As a result, there are various falls and impacts, which in the aftermath can lead to muscle hypotrophy. No less susceptible to hypotrophy of the muscles of the lower extremities and athletes, who constantly have a very heavy load on the muscles of the thigh and lower leg. But not only physical factors can contribute to the development of this disease of the lower limbs of man. They are very, very many.

    If you feel a persistent aching pain in the muscles, weakness, inability to perform previously executable movements, loss of their volume and body weight at all, you should immediately contact the doctor. Timely detection of hypotrophy with rapid treatment will contribute to recovery with minimal harm to the entire body.

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