• Useful and medicinal properties of carrot juice

    On the nutritional and healing properties of carrot juice are very well-founded legends. For example, that provitamin A( carotene), contained in carrot juice, has antioxidant abilities, inhibits or slows down the development of cancer cells. Of the carrot juice, carotene is digested in the best way. Vitamins PP, C, E, K, group B, sugars( up to 15%), mineral salts of potassium, iron, copper, phosphorus, iodine, cobalt, flavone and nitrogenous compounds, other biologically active substances that make carrot juicenot only a valuable food product, but also a powerful healing remedy, which is of paramount importance in the prevention and treatment of a number of diseases.

    Carrot juice and carrot seeds were used for stone kidney disease and for expelling sand from the urine of

    outlets. The condensed juice of carrots, like syrup, was used for thrush. Carrots and juice were recommended for use by nursing mothers, as they contribute to the increase in the amount of milk.

    Almost 200 years ago, VA Levshin wrote: "The root of carrots is very useful for the stomach in fresh food. Its juice contains a balsamic property that corrects gastric juices, produces sweat and slightly stimulates the bottom. Juice, given on an empty stomach to children, expels worms. If the juice is cooked up to the density of sugar syrup, then the glass of this is a laxative, which can be given in hot drinks and other diseases where laxative is needed, without fear, no matter how weak the patient is. The juice is useful in the obstructions of the internal, which is diluted and expelled by urine( urine).The carrot broth produces sweat, relieves also a stone disease and expels sand from the kidneys and bladder. Fresh, grated carrots, applied to fresh lesions, heals cancer, "- the author of the first books on nutrition in Russia believed.

    Due to the presence of practically all important vitamins in carrots, it is widely used in the treatment and prevention of hypo-and avitaminosis. Carrots and its juice are an indispensable component of the diet of people suffering from anemia and a decline in strength. Daily use of carrots strengthens the body, increases its resistance to infectious diseases and adverse effects of the internal and external environment. As a dietary and medicinal product, carrots are widely used. As for baby food, carrots and juice are irreplaceable in it.

    With its unique healing properties, carrot juice promotes the normal functional

    activity of all the major organs and systems of the human body: cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, genitourinary. It acts on the endocrine system;in particular on the adrenal glands, strengthens the defenses of the body with influenza, sinusitis, with diseases of the throat, bronchitis and other diseases. With liver and bile duct disease, carrot juice helps to restore protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism and barrier functions of the liver, causes abundant secretion of toxins from the body, and possesses blood-purifying properties. With the right application of carrot juice, you can best cleanse your body of toxins, down to the purification of blood. This is facilitated, in the first place, by such powerful biologically active components contained in carrot juice in large quantities as vitamin A, which is most effectively absorbed by the body from carrots. Vitamin A is necessary for the restoration of the immune system, for healthy body growth in adolescence, for the normal functioning of the reproductive system - it contributes to the health of the ovarian tissues, it helps to prevent ovarian cancer."Moreover," writes Dr. Michael Lesser, "vitamin A and some related substances can. .. reverse the precancerogenic changes in the prostate cells."As for the sexual sphere * vitamin A promotes the formation of more sperm in the ejaculate. In carrot juice contains a fairly large amount of vitamin C( by the way, in the carrot leaves it is several times more).This vitamin is necessary for maintaining healthy connective tissues. With a lack of vitamin C in the body can be internal hemorrhage, bad

    heal wounds, bleed gums. Vitamin C( along with vitamins A and E) is an antioxidant, which means that it controls the formation of free radicals in the body - unstable particles that damage cells and lead to diseases. Contained in carrots, vitamin C is especially well absorbed, as it contains bioflavonoids, which contribute to the assimilation of this vitamin. Carrot juice contains vitamin E, also a powerful antioxidant, and it acts in the same way as vitamins A and G. Vitamin E helps reduce the risk of blood clots, strengthens blood vessels, increases muscle strength, positively affects hormones, including sex,it protects cells from damage.

    Carrot juice is a good liver cleanser from various types of blockages. G. Malakhov writes: "Often when cleansing with carrot juice of the liver, so much slag is allocated that the intestinal and urinary canals can not allocate such an abundance of dissolved slag. Slags are transferred to the lymph and then released from the body through the pores of the skin. "And further: "The use of it( juice) in quantities of more than 500 grams per day produces total detoxification of our body."