• Cleansing the body of salts with folk remedies and methods

    There are many ways of removing salts from the body of .Let's dwell on some of them.

    1. According to Dr. Newman. In the morning, dilute 1 tbsp.spoon of English salt in 100 ml of water, add juice from 2 lemons of medium size, add a glass to the top with boiled water and drink. After half an hour, pour 0.5 cups of carrot and celery juice or as much citrus juice, add 0.5 cups of distilled

    water and drink. During the day, drink juice with distilled water every half hour. Food should not be taken if hunger is to be overcome - eat 1 orange.

    Sometimes, when cleaning from salts, you may experience headache, nausea, weakness. To avoid this, you must first make a cleansing enema before starting to cleanse the body, and during the treatment several times a day take a shower or a bath. After one day of cleansing, you can go to complete starvation or a kind of post for 3 days. Every night put a cleansing enema to rid the body of the products of intestinal intoxication.

    2. By Dr. Walker. Before the onset of fasting, take a laxative in the evening( preferably a solution of English or Glauber's salt).After taking a laxative every half hour, drink 0.5 cups of orange juice with a small amount of lemon and for a day, nothing to eat. Before taking a laxative, make an enema of 2 liters of warm water( you can with the addition of chamomile juice).Then follow a 3-5-day fast and a vegetarian diet for at least 2 weeks.

    3. Russian method( according to doctor Already.)The method of cleansing the body of salts with a decoction of cones

    - coniferous trees and rice.

    In the evening make an enema of 2 liters of warm boiled water. The next day - complete starvation, drink only distilled or thawed water. In the evening in a glass with warm boiled water put a cone of medium size( spruce, pine, cedar, fir).In the morning in the same water, boil the boil for 5 minutes. Boil the boil after boiling, add a glass to 200 ml of boiled water and drink half. The other half is left for the evening.

    Take a portion of rice( 70-100 g), rinse well, pour 500 ml of water and put on fire. Bring to a boil and shine from the fire. Replace the water, again rinse the rice well and put on fire again, allow the water to boil, boil for a minute, set aside. Replace water, wash rice, pour 500 ml of water and put on fire. So do 4 times. The fourth time to cook rice, drain the water, add butter or honey to taste. Do not salt! It's breakfast. After it, before dinner, do not eat and, preferably, do not drink( with a strong thirst - distilled or thawed water).At lunch and dinner - food is normal, but with a sharp restriction of salt. Everything must be unsalted. In nutrition, it is desirable to focus on vegetarian dishes.

    The course of treatment - a month( in the morning and in the evening for 100 ml of broth of cones, for breakfast - four times boiled rice).Usually, for a month, up to 3 kilograms of salt leaves the body. The most active release of salts begins on the 15-18th day of treatment and will last for 3-4 months. A very large amount of salts is removed from the body, salts leave the spine( osteochondrosis), from the joints( polyarthritis), from the blood vessels( atherosclerosis).Since salts of potassium, which are very necessary for the work of the heart, also go away with other salts, pain in the heart area can begin on the 16th-18th day. To avoid this, starting from the 15th day of treatment, you should drink honey for 1 tsp 3-4 times a day, and also introduce roasted millet, dried apricots, fried potatoes, apples, lemons( products containing potassium in large quantities).

    The essence of this technique is that the body, not getting enough salts from the outside, begins to use salts deposited in the vessels, joints, in all organs of the body. The organism gets rid of salt and calcareous deposits. Purified vessels, joints, cartilaginous tissue, spine. The body is rejuvenated.

    The method is irreplaceable for people of elderly and senile age.

    4. Traditional medicine offers many different ways to cleanse the body of salts with the help of plants.

    Tea from the roots of a sunflower dissolves many salts: in autumn, gather thick parts of roots, cut hairy roots, wash and dry in the usual way. Before consumption, the root is crushed into small pieces the size of beans and boiled in an enamel teapot: for 3 liters of water, approximately 1 cup of roots. Boil for 2 minutes. Drink tea for 2 days.

    Tea from sunflower roots is drunk in large doses for a month or more. In this case, the salt begins to come out only after 2 weeks of treatment and go on until the urine becomes transparent, like water, and there is no sediment in it. If you collect by settling all the salt, then they can go up to 2 kg in an adult person!

    Tea is well soluble in spices, field horsetail, watermelon crusts, pumpkin tails, bearberry, marshmallow.

    Black radish juice well dissolves mineral salts in the bile duct and gallbladder: 10 kg of black radish tubers peel, prepare juice. It turns out about 3 liters. The rest is cake. The juice is stored in the refrigerator, and the cake is mixed with honey or sugar( per 1 kg of cake 300 g honey).

    Juice begins to thread for 1 tsp after eating. If the pain in the liver is not felt, then the dose can be increased to 0.5 glasses per reception. Cake is eaten at 1-3 st.spoons 2-3 times a day.

    Dissolves bile salts and body salts also bile poultry: chicken, goose, turkey.

    To be able to take it, make a capsule-ball from the bread crumb into which several drops of bile are wrapped. Swallow 2-5 of these balls 2 times a day. Do this 30-40 minutes after eating. The course of treatment takes 5-10 gallbladder, taken from chickens. The bile is stored in a special plastic container in the refrigerator. Remember that the maximum dose of bile should not exceed 30 drops a day!

    Cleansing Tibetan collection: chamomile -100 g. St. John's Wort -100 g. Immortelle -100 g. Birch buds -100 g. Strawberry leaf -100 g.

    2 tbsp.spoon collection pour 2 cups of boiling water and insist in a thermos night. Strain. Take after breakfast for 200 ml.

    The composition has a good effect in atherosclerosis, obesity, poor memory, hypertension, chronic nephritis, cholecystitis, cardiovascular diseases, joint diseases( osteochondrosis).