• Treatment of frigidity by folk remedies and methods


    There is a very small percentage of women who do not experience sexual arousal. The reason for this are physiological or hormonal disorders in their body! More details about the symptoms of this disease look here.

    Frigidity - no sexual attraction, excitement and interest in sex. Usually she does not deliver any unpleasant sensations to the woman from the point of view of physiology. A woman does well without a man, and without sex at all. The problem is her social and psychological dissatisfaction. The environment forces a woman, absolutely indifferent to sex, to feel defective. In the absence of sexual attraction to anyone, it is necessary to undergo a complete examination and find out the cause. A timely treatment can bring good results.

    One of the fastest lover drinks is the following: a cup of hot milk with a teaspoon of melted butter, saffron, vanilla, cinnamon and coconut( or corn) flakes.

    Another drink: add three fibers of real saffron to the cup of milk, one spoonful of melted butter and sugar, three cloves. Boil for 3 minutes and drink before going to bed for 3-4 weeks.

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    Drink "exciting": 1 teaspoon currant( dry leaves), one tablespoon chamomile, 1 teaspoon black radish, 1 apple, 1 teaspoon dried leaves of dandelion, 1 tablespoon of sugar( or honey), 3 tablespoons of sugarliter of water.

    All components are mixed, poured hot water, bring to a boil, insist 30 minutes. The broth is poured and drunk hot during the day.

    Infusion of cinnamon with radish

    Vegetable drink "Erotic dream"


    Salad of Cleopatra, 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tablespoon of grated radish, 1 tablespoon of pearl barley, 1 apple, two flowers of rose hips, 1/2 cup of sour milk. Beet Salad Two tablespoons of grated beet, 1/2 teaspoon of prepared horseradish, 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise All mixed

    Carrot salad One medium-sized carrot, 1 tablespoon chopped green onions, 1 teaspoon mayonnaise

    Carrots rubbedon a grater, mixed with greenonions and seasoned with mayonnaise

    Tomato salad Three medium tomato, 1 medium onion, 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise

    Tomatoes washed and cut into slices, mixed with chopped onion and seasoned with mayonnaise

    Canon of medical science Abu Ali Ibn Son

    "Meals for such a person are dishes made from the meat of a fat kid, lamb, chickpeas, onions: do not fry meat, because fried interferes with the strengthening action of meat and reduces its nutritional value. Mugamayet, even acidified murries, are fine food just like fat chickens and chickens, especially those fed by ferula. Good for these patients eggs soft, especially flavored with Chinese cinnamon, pepper, asafoetida and salt skink pharmacy, as well as fish caviar and hot fish.

    If there is a coldness of nature, then the dishes are seasoned with ginger, pepper, cloves, Chinese cinnamon and the like spices, enhancing this action.

    Useful soup from cabbage and carrots, especially carrots, in which the meat is well-brewed, and the dishes, which include passerine and pigeon brains, melted butter and milk, as well as charis, pea soup, shish kebab, rice with milk, meat and sheep's milk. The number of vegetables for such patients includes asparagus, indow, leek, artichoke, and especially useful is mint;it greatly strengthens the spermatic vessels, so that they cover the seed better and lust intensifies. Clover and fenugreek also benefit, and from pea soups are good ones that are with saffron. Such patients are also helped by white bread with milk and coconut juice. It is said that a man who constantly eats sparrows and drinks them with milk instead of water always has an erection and a lot of seed. It's also good to fry the onion in oil until it turns red and crusts, and smashes eggs on it. And for people with hot nature suitable, for example, sour milk, milk, hot fried fish, melon, cucumber, kiss, pumpkins and all fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, until letucha. Even the seeds of the porcupine garden increase their number of seeds. Egg white is very useful to them and multiplies the seed, as well as the head and spinal cord of animals and crayfish. "

    The doctor's justification is that he teaches how to cause sexual pleasure, narrow the vagina and warm him Abu Ali Ibn Son. "It's not shameful for a doctor if he talks about how to enlarge a penis, narrow the vagina or cause a woman's pleasure;this is one of the means to achieve offspring. Often, the small size of the penis is the cause of the lack of offspring, because the woman does not experience pleasure and does not emit seeds, because the penis is not what it suits;then there is no child, and often this gives rise to a woman's dislike for her husband, and she seeks another. The same if a woman does not have a narrow vagina: the husband is not suitable for her and she is not suitable for her husband and both need to be replaced.

    Pleasure also causes a rapid eruption of the seed: in fact, in women, in most cases, the eruption of the seed is delayed and they remain with an unfulfilled desire, and there is no offspring. In addition, such women continue to experience lust, and those of them who do not cherish their honor, admit to themselves whom they will find. That's why women resort to rubbing against each other to find satisfaction of passion among themselves. "

    Means for pleasure in men and women

    "One of the means that pleases both is saliva, if a person has asafoetide or cubebe in his mouth, as well as mirabalan honey or honey mixed with scammonium, or ginger, or pepper withhoney. It is also good to apply all this in the form of flat cakes to the back half of the penis, for from the use of such means to one head alone there is not much benefit. "

    . .. Weaken the ability to intercourse and prevent it from the circumstances associated with shame or imagination, for example, when the copulation does not like to converge with a woman, or shy, or in advance is afraid that it will be weak or incapable of copulation, especially if it is everalready took place, and whenever it is necessary to repeat copulation, it appears to him in the imagination. The abstinence from copulations also causes weakness, so the soul forgets about them, the organs shy away from them and the nature takes little care of creating the seed, as it does not care about creating milk from the woman who excommunicated the baby from the breast.

    . .. If there is a digestive disorder in the stomach, then strengthen the stomach.(...) Use Chinese cinnamon, horse beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, and onion and salt. ..

    If the cause is weakness of the body, then strengthen the body with strengthening foods:. .. meat fried in a frying pan, in a stove andon a spit, harissa, soft-boiled eggs, turnips, milk, melted butter, white bread and all kinds of kernels, for example, kernels of walnut, almonds, coconut, pistachios. .. with sprinkled onions, mint, lemon, fenugreek, clover and indow. Strengthen the body also with proper bathing and firming rubbing, for example, from the oil of the tangent. .. If it takes a lot of warming, then put musk, beaver jet and other medicines in the oil. ..

    It is necessary to avoid intercourse with a woman who has a period with an old woman, with the patient, with a woman who did not reach female maturity or for a long time did not mate.(...) It is necessary to read to the powerless aloud stories about copulating and books devoted to the ways and types of copulations;he must think about it and completely stop copulation until he becomes strong enough. Close to such patients are also people who have become unable to copulate due to a prolonged rejection of them and curbing their souls. They should be gradually accustomed to this,. .. and let them tell related things and stories relating to copulation. Such patients should also watch how the animals mate, it is useful for them. ..

    When a patient is fed with lust-raising food, he is given a drink of a fragrant wine, and after that they put him to bed, wash his feet with hot water and apply ointments and rubbing,contributing to erections.

    As for the seeds, for example, seeds of turnips, cabbage, nettles, lupine, sowing indow,. .. carrots, asparagus seeds, radish seeds, clover seeds, melon seed, celery seeds, wild cumin,. .. sesame,flaxseed, watercress,. .. seeds of wild cassia. .. and fenugreek seeds, especially cooked in honey and dried. And grains are, for example,. .. horse beans, kidney beans. .. Korfu, Chinese cinnamon, muscat color, anchors and bark of muscat are consumed from crusts and dried herbs;kernels of pine, ash,. .. wild cassia seeds, pistachios and hazelnuts are useful from seeds and kernels.(...) The roots are useful. .. - it is the root of the aronica,. .. orchis - it strongly affects the erection, - asparagus, artichoke root, onions, especially fried, roasted sea onions, wild carrots and ginger, especially in the formjam, galang, saliva, root of anchors, roots of wild dill, hoof,. .. colchicum. .. It is also useful to feed in the form of drinking or rubbing.

    Animals that arouse lust, this lizard is uglymastics, a lizard, a skink pharmacy, especially the base of its tail, its navel, kidneys. .. Varan is caught in the days of spring, is killed, cleaned of the insides, stuffed with carcass salt and hanged in the shade so that itdried up. When you do all this, take the salt and throw the carcass. You need only a small amount of this salt, less than the salt of the pharmacy's skink.

    From the "daughters of the water" lust is also excited by moray eel, eel, shark. .., here is the camel's milk, which is drunk for twenty days, every day as much as can be digested without burdening the stomach. .. and fish caviarand chicken eggs, but especially useful are the eggs of partridges, pigeons and passerine eggs. The brains of all animals, especially the chicken, sparrow, duck and mutton brains, which are eaten with salt, also help. As a medicine with special properties, the following applies: take a member of the bull, sprinkle them in a small amount of soft-boiled eggs and eat. Another amazing medicine from animals: take a dried camel's dried sycamore and take it in the form of drinking twelve hours before the desired time. .. If this remedy causes pain, then you should bathe in cold water. Or honey is still useful: honey is prepared from it without spices and constantly drunk;if there is a little saffron in it, it is permissible. ..

    As for fruits, sweet grapes are a good way to excite lust, especially fresh, it replenishes blood with moisture and winds, as well as warmth and good nutrition. Vegetables and the like are helped by the anchovies and especially their juice in the form of medicines for licking with honey, which was cooked until thick. ..

    Here is one more of our medicines, very strong: take asafoetids, carrot seeds, cardamom, seeds of seeding indow,seeds of ash and fruits of wolf-bones - each in one piece, buzaydana and pepper - each with three parts, musk - the sixth part of the piece;all this is moistened with the oil of small pine nuts and kneaded with honey. ..

    To the number of excellent medicines. .. belongs the following: take fenugreek and dates and cook both until the composition is ripe, then take the dates, take out the bones,dry them, pound them and mix them with honey( ...) One of the excellent medicines is the noodles from such nucleus: take almonds and peeled nuts, peeled and grated pistachios and coconuts, pine nuts, wild cassia seeds, garnet. ..and ginger.

    . .. Take the onion juice and the same honey and cook until there is only one honey;drink his spoon or two before going to bed with hot water. Or take flour and mix it with fresh water like a thick jelly. Then the kissel is squeezed once and cooked with a lot of milk and coconut juice in half the amount against the milk. Brews are buttered with duck fat. Or else take egg yolks, knock them together, cook them soft-boiled, sprinkle with asafoetida. .. and rub it with a sick person with butter of a tangy or jasmine. Another: take the egg yolks, knock them together, if with the proteins, this is permissible, then add the squeezed juice of crushed onion in the amount of about one-fourth of eggs, boil them and boil it all with some salt or spices from the above. Or take carrots with onions and pound them, as well as a turnip, which is also being jammed, and cook it all with horse beans, chickpeas and honey with good soft meat, seasoned with hot spices.

    Still take horse beans, chickpeas and beans and soak them in hot water. Then they cut the mutton meat. .. and lay them in layers, alternating with layers of soaked grains and onions. On each layer, sprinkle. .. a little asafoetida, as well as Chinese cinnamon and a lot of cloves. Then all this is poured either with carrot juice or water. ..

    And the wine for them is sweet drinks and a raisin drink, made from really sweet raisins. All sweet drinks, in which there is a certain density, are suitable for such patients. Description of useful wine for them: cook carrots and figs in a lot of water, filter and cook in a broth of raisins from which the stones are removed. The decoction is again filtered, put on the fanis and left to wander. ..

    Avicenna's texts, like the seeds from which modern medicine has grown, systematize the knowledge accumulated by the generations that lived before it, and this knowledge that has gone through the centuries continues to this dayhelp the suffering person.

    Vegetable, biologically active substances contained in plant raw materials according to the inscriptions of ancient doctors( Galen, Hippocrates and Avicenna), supporting the sexual activity of

    . According to the book by R. D. Seifull and N.M.Popova "Sexual dope".


    10 ml of creeping thyme oil, 40 g of bee honey, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Mix the oil thoroughly with honey and pour warm boiled water.

    Instant currant infusion


    3 tbsp.spoons of fresh or dry leaves of black currant, 500 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Leaves the leaves thoroughly and pour boiling water. Insist for 2-2.5 hours. Filter through 2-3 layers of gauze.

    Gathering 1


    for 1 tbsp.spoonful of spring primrose, common oregano, buckthorn berries, clary sage grass, St. John's wort grass, Common Motherwort herb, grass sparrow, leaf of wild strawberry, black currant leaf, licorice herbs, clover meadow flowers, green straw of oats,calendula flowers, 200 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Components of the collection thoroughly grind, mix, 2 tbsp. Spoon the mixture in a thermos with boiling water. Insist for 15-20 minutes. Infusion strain through 2-3 layers of gauze.

    Collection 2


    for 1 tbsp.a spoonful of flowers of chamomile, a nettle herb, a herb of St. John's wort, a cinnamon rose, 250 ml of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Components of the collection thoroughly grind, mix, 4 tbsp. Spoon the mixture in a thermos with boiling water. Insist for 2 hours. Filter through 2-3 layers of gauze.

    Gather 3


    10 apricot seeds, 10 leaves of geranium, 250 g of bee honey, 2 lemons, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon.

    Method of preparation.

    Grind the kernel of the apricot, squeeze the juice from the lemons, geranium leaves thoroughly grind and mix all the ingredients. Add cinnamon and honey.

    Gathering 4


    for 1 tbsp.a spoonful of roots of a spiky stalk, leaves of a bluehead of a field, flowers of a water lily of yellow, flowers of an immortelle of sand, celery grass, a piculber, 1 liter of water.

    Method of preparation.

    Components of the collection thoroughly grind, mix, 2 tbsp. Spoon the mixture with pour boiling water and insist in a warm place for 12-14 hours. Infuse the strain through 2-3 layers of gauze.


    Essential oils can be used for both massage and a warm bath.


    Hydrotherapy is a great way to cope not only with sexual dysfunction, but also get rid of various chronic "sores".

    Cool cold tonic wraps with a cloth impregnated with aromatic oils. Such wraps not only heal the body, but also help to improve mood and get rid of stress.


    With frigidity, the foot massage helps well. The fact is that there are a lot of biologically active points on the foot, the effect on which normalizes the functions of internal organs. With violations in the genital area, you can massage the points that are located on the midline of the foot. For massage feet use all the techniques of massage - stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration. The points are affected by stimulating massage: massage it with your thumb clockwise, as if screwing a finger into it. Then the finger is abruptly removed and the procedure is repeated anew.


    Repeating a set of certain phrases, you can not only improve your mood, raise your self-esteem, get rid of pressing stressors, but even increase your sex drive. It's enough just to relax and give yourself a few minutes a day.