• How to tie booties for a newborn

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    Now on sale for the newborn has everything. But no bought thing will express your love to your baby like your own. Such a detail of the wardrobe of the newborn, like booties will always come in handy. Easy and fast they can be linked for the child on their own - tiny legs will not only be smart, but always warm.

    The choice of material for the pinets depends on the time of the year. Cotton thread suitable for summer, and wool or acrylic - soft and warm - for a colder season. When choosing a thread, you need to consider that the skin of the baby is very tender, so the threads should not be rigid and firm.

    The thread color can be any. But it so happened that the boy usually gets blue or blue, and for the girl - pink.

    More skilled craftsmen often use two colors in their work, harmoniously combining them.

    Boots can be decorated with silk or kapron ribbons, laces. Sometimes as decorations use beads or rhinestones, which look very nice, but not always safe for the baby, so it is better to refuse such ornaments.

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    Knit on knitting needles

    Knitting instructions for pinets with knitting needles

    In order to knit booties for a newborn with knitting needles , yarn can be taken any, it is important that it be soft. The spokes will fit circular, number 3.

    We select loops, it is convenient if the number of loops is divided by 3. In our case this will be 39 loops.

    Knit booties, starting from the top, so it's better to make an elastic band, it fits well with the ankle. The cuff-elastic is simply knitted - 1 facial loop, then 1 purl. The next row is purl, it is tied the same way, but on the contrary - purl-face.

    With edge loops, in order for the edge to be smooth and beautiful, proceed as follows: we simply remove the first loop from the knitting needle on the knitting needles, not tying it, but the last loop always with a back loop.

    The number of rows depends on how high we want to make booties.18 rows will be enough.

    Now on the front side of knitting we make holes for the cord. First, we take off the edge loop, and then we sew two loops into one behind the knitting, that is, the front one, then the knit, and again two loops into one we sew the front one, we make the cape - and so on until the end of the row.

    Proizyvaem a purl series with the usual purl loops.

    We divide our knitting into three parts - 13 loops per piece. The lateral parts are laid on the auxiliary knitting needles, and we only knit the middle with a new thread. How to tie booties for the baby so they are beautiful?- It all depends on the choice of the pattern of the middle part. Well look putanka.1 row is usually tied - facial-purl, and 2 - thus: under the face - purl, under the purl - facial.

    We knit with a putter 4 cm, this is approximately 14 rows, we lift the loops along the edge of the middle part, then cut the thread. And then knitting starts from the edge, that is, from the laid loops, tying all the loops.

    We knit the side of the booties - 6 rows with face loops, then 2 - with purl and again with 6 - facial loops. We divide the knitting in half, with the raised loops it turns out on 21 loops on the left and on the right and we cut off the thread.

    After that we knit with a garter stitch sole. At the end of the row we sew together the last loop from the middle part and the first loop from the laid ones. In the purl strings, this is done with a back loop, in the front - with the front. As a result, 6 loops should remain on both spokes, which we remove and fasten with a needle.

    Boots stitched from behind with a needle from the underside, and then it is turned out.

    It remains to make a lace. You can tie a chain with air loops, you can make a twisted flagellum, or you can just buy a beautiful ribbon. Using a hook, thread the cord into the holes.

    In order not to be mistaken in counting rows and loops, you can knit both booties at the same time, using two coils of thread. Booties for the newborn, knitted with knitting needles, look pretty and elegant.

    Knit crochet

    Knitting instruction for hooks

    If we knit booties for newborns by crochet, then the importance of matching the size of the hook to the thickness of the thread, otherwise knitting will turn out to be uneven, with elongated or, conversely, with the stitched loops. Usually on the package of threads indicate the number of the hook, which is recommended to knit. In our case, for acrylic thread - this is number 3.5.

    Begin to knit from the heel. To do this, we dial 8 air loops. Then 1 column with a crochet is removed from the 2 air loop, counting from the end of the set. From row to row, you need to go with the help of air loops, recruited for lifting, which replace the first column. We impose 3 rows with a column with a crochet, then 1 row with a column without a crochet. Thread and fix it. The sole of the pinotech is ready, now you can knit up.

    The upper part and side of the booties are knitted like this:

    We collect 8 air loops.

    1 row: a column without a crochet, pass the hook into the second loop from it and into each next.

    2 row start with 1 air loop, then turn, 2 columns without a crochet in every first column of the previous row, 5 posts without a crochet, 2 columns without a crochet in the last column.

    From 3 to 10 rows begin with 1 air loop, turn, a column without a crochet in each column of the previous row. We do not cut the thread, we collect 12 air loops, mark the last loop for the cuff, we sew 11 more air loops, turn and connect them with 10 rows. It turns 23 air loops.

    Next we knit in a circle.

    1 row is the face of knitting.1 an air loop, 10 sticks without a crochet along the first edge of the toe, then 7 stitches without a crochet, then 10 stitches without a crochet along the second edge of the toe, 23 stitches without a crochet in each air loop around, then the connecting bar is tied into the first column from the circular row,which should bend downward.

    2-4 rows - 1 air loop, then with a column without a crochet in the same first column that was just connected, then with a column without a crochet in each circular column, and a connecting post to the first column of the circular row.

    5 series - this is the so-called connecting circle.1 an air loop, then the outsole and the side part are joined together without the crochet, after completing the circle, we knit, fix the thread and cut off.

    The lace cuff is knitted as follows:

    1 row - in the marked place we attach the thread, with the column without the crochet in the next 11 stitches. Without a crochet in each column from the free edge of the toe, with a column without a crochet in each column along the circle to the end, then join by tying it into the first column of the row.

    In the 2nd row holes are made for the bandage.4 air loops, we skip 1 bar without a crochet, we sew it to the next column with a crochet, then we loop the air, then we pass the next column, then we stick the column with the crochet into the next column, then the air loop - and so on to the end of the row. We connect the initial 4 air loops into a grated air loop.

    3 row start with 1 air loop, then a column without a crochet to the connection point in a circle, 1 air loop, then connect.

    4-5 rows begin with 1 air loop, then with a column without a crochet in the first three air loops in a circle, 1 air loop, then connect.

    The second bootleg fits the same. Then a ribbon-string is passed through the prepared holes into the finished booties.

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