• Swelling under the eyes of children - the child has edema

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    With the appearance of the baby in the family there are pleasant troubles associated with caring for him. There are also a lot of questions about the general health of the child. We will consider one of them - swelling under the eyes of children.

    Everyone knows that any ailment almost immediately manifests itself on the face. Swelling of the baby, as a rule, frightens all young parents. Before starting treatment and contacting doctors, it is necessary to find out the cause of their occurrence.

    Reasons for edema

    Reasons for edema in children

    The first reason - the usual swelling. On the one hand, in this case everything is quite simple, but on the other - even in simple edema there can be nothing good. This means that in the tissues of the entire body of the baby accumulates excess fluid. At the same time because of the edema, not only the area around the eyes, but also other tissues can swell.

    But how to understand that this is an ordinary swelling? It's very simple: you just need to gently squeeze the swollen soft tissue. If the skin after such manipulation is immediately restored - it's just an edema. But if the trace of your touch remains for a long time, it is worth seriously thinking.

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    Swelling may appear as a result of various diseases, such as conjunctivitis, poor metabolism, adenoids and many others.

    Another common cause of edema under the eyes is a normal allergy. For example, if you notice that your baby has difficulty breathing, this can be a sign of asthma. Moreover, at a time when everything is blossoming around, the body of a little man can easily be defeated, which will manifest as a swelling under the eyes.

    In order to see if the allergy is the cause of the onset of swelling, you will need to take a blood test for the hemoglobin level and, if it is a positive result, contact an allergist who will prescribe the appropriate medicine.

    Also one of the important reasons for the onset of this ailment is ICP( intracranial pressure) in a child. In a simple way, the child suffers terrible headaches.

    Swelling under the eyes of children

    But it is worth noting that, fortunately, not all cases of the appearance of swelling under the eyes threatens serious danger. The most famous and frequent cause of the appearance of swelling under the eyes is the consequences of the baby crying. Children who are still very young, this problem can be troubling due to teething.

    Older children, the manifestation of bags under the eyes, can indicate a long pastime at the TV or computer. Therefore, make sure that your child spends just a couple of hours a day in front of the monitor. Pay attention to the child's day schedule and make changes if necessary.

    If you notice that the bags under the eyes of the child do not pass, but, on the contrary, appear more often, it means that you need to revise the baby's nutrition. You should enter as much as possible fruits and vegetables, and gradually reduce the amount of salt in the food.

    Also, swelling can be inherited. If your relatives suffer from such a problem, it is possible that your baby will receive such an unpleasant "gift".

    However, before taking any measures to eliminate swelling under the eyes, be sure to find out the cause of their occurrence. After all, cases are different, and to understand why it happened in your case is not always possible.

    Do not neglect the health of the child, it is better to contact a specialist doctor, take all the necessary tests and be treated. Make the kid lead a correct lifestyle: instead of sitting at a computer or television, let him walk in the fresh air, play active games, and go in for sports.

    Treatment of edema

    Baby food

    Treatment of edema in children will depend on the reason that caused their appearance. In the event that bags under the eyes are not due to any diseases, you can use such proven tips:

    • pay close attention to what your baby eats. If your diet contains many salty foods, be sure to limit their use. Try to have your child eat only a full-fledged healthy food: boiled vegetables, soups, vegetable stews and the like;
    • a healthy body within a day should receive at least one and a half liters of fluid. But it's better not to exceed this amount, especially before going to bed;
    • the child must sleep a sufficient amount of time - 7-9 hours a day. Therefore, teach him to always lie down and get up at the same time.

    If one of the diseases of the internal organs results in the appearance of edema, the baby can be treated only after consulting a doctor. In this case, swelling under the eyes of the child should disappear along with his recovery from the underlying illness.

    Stick to all the tips mentioned above and you can prevent the appearance of swelling under the eyes and keep your child's health.