7 Important Tips for Installing Alarms on a Car

  • 7 Important Tips for Installing Alarms on a Car

    Car alarm is not just a luxury or an unreasonable desire, it is a necessary car device, without which it is better to leave a car on the street today, even in the yard of your own house. Yes, maybe it will not save from serious and professional burglars, but it will give them trouble, and also frighten off small thieves who break windows and steal recorders, navigators, phones and handy cars from cars.

    If you select and set the alarm according to all the rules, in this case, it will be difficult to hack even professionals, but you will have to pay a considerable amount of money for the device and its installation. In our today's article, we will give you the 7 most important tips for installing alarms, and also stipulate many nuances, which even in specialized auto shows are forgotten.   

    Tips from personal experience in installing alarms on the car

    1. Before you buy all the accessories necessary for us in the car dealership, it is definitely necessary to find out exactly how much you expect. After all, the price for a signaling device is also calculated from the cost of the car, but you in fact understand perfectly well that even the most "smart" and faked alarm can not save your iron friend a hundred percent from the hands of thieves and scammers.

    2. There is a proverb - there is a lock, and there is always a key. In our case, too, but only here is a matter of time. In expensive signaling devices there are many more options, and accordingly the quality of their protection is increased. It is commonly believed that the most common alarm is a gearbox lock, or an alarm + immobilizer. If the chosen alarm has even more different options, then this is a remarkable level of protection and the probability that your car will remain untouched - increases several times.

    3. Do not be greedy for a good security system, but do not overdo it. Do not throw out huge sums for the acquisition of expensive locks. Remember, there must be a golden mean in everything.

    4. The important point is which master will set the alarm in your car. It is known quite a lot of cases when, due to an inexperienced specialist, the best security system simply burned or had to change some of its specific spare parts, and sometimes the whole. By the way, repair and warranty of such parts, as a rule, are not subject to, because the warranty does not apply to improper installation and connection.

    5. Contact a good and high-quality service, read reviews on the Internet or consult with sellers in specialized stores. There are shops where there are good service stations that value their reputation, and therefore produce a quality and with a guarantee. It is better to overpay the extra several hundred rubles( the price is almost the same everywhere), but be sure that the wires are correctly connected and you will not be disturbed by a short circuit, false alarm or failure at the right time of the alarm.

    6. Another question, if you understand the device of the car and electronics, you can try to connect the security system yourself. But here are our experts in the Internet magazine Vse-Sekrety.ru do not undertake to advise, therefore as it is enough difficult process, demanding really good knowledge in the field of electronics. In the opposite case, as we already mentioned above, a short circuit may occur in the wiring of the car and, at best, the alarm unit will burn, not to mention the fire hazard.

    7. If you are a beginner and yet do not know which company will contact, then ask the elementary questions to the master who will install the system on your car. Ask about how many cars a day they serve, what kind of warranty is given and how often returns occur. Of course, not everyone will answer the truth, but in a solid service on most of the questions you will get an honest answer. If you live in a metropolis( for example, in Moscow), then, most likely, you will find reviews about a particular workshop - on the Internet or on local forums, which will also help form the right opinion.

    Well, we hope that after reading this article, you have received and learned important tips for installing alarms. Happy journey and all the best!