Automatic or manual transmission? What's better? Advantages and disadvantages

  • Automatic or manual transmission? What's better? Advantages and disadvantages

    Literally a few decades ago, an inexperienced Soviet car enthusiast, it never even occurred to him that an automatic transmission could be installed on a car besides a mechanical one. Now everything has changed and when buying a car, the seller offers to choose from a large number of varieties of boxes is the type that is more suitable for one or another buyer.

    Due to the wide range of gearboxes, many car enthusiasts are at a loss and do not know which box they should choose: automatic transmission( automatic gearbox) or manual transmission( manual gearbox).Some scare strange names, and the choice falls on all the known mechanics, although if you do a little analysis, this choice is not always justified and does not suit everyone. In order to feel comfortable in this matter, it is necessary to study this topic in more depth.

    Manual transmission: operating principle, features

    The manual gearbox is a complex gearbox consisting of shafts, gears, clutches and synchronizers. The principle of work is fairly simple and understandable for every schoolboy. The box is connected to the engine by means of a special clutch, which is called clutch. With the help of the clutch, by depressing the pedal, the engine and the box are disconnected, at this moment the transmission is switched on, which will correspond to the driving conditions. In order to maximally smoothly produce the grip of the rotation of the engine and wheels, after switching gears - you need experience and your skills, so that the car does not start to twitch and not stall.

    The main advantage of this system is its simplicity and reliability. Repair of this node will cost much less than an automatic colleague. This box is perfect for experienced and active drivers who are able to fully control their car. But the disadvantages of this design is also not devoid. Not everyone likes to constantly use the shift lever and the clutch pedal, especially in megacities, where there are very long traffic jams.

    For these purposes, the automatic transmission was invented, which in its evolution has received several varieties.

    Automatic: advantages, operating principle and types

    The simplest, is the usual hydromechanical automatic .The principle of operation is also very simple. Inside the sealed box is oil. From the ends, inside come out two impellers, one connected to the shaft of the engine, the other with a box. During operation of the motor, the torque from the first impeller is transferred to the oil, and the oil in its turn is already spinning the second impeller. Switching occurs on command from the control unit. Such a system is very reliable in operation, but has a number of significant drawbacks, the main of which are high fuel consumption and poor dynamics.

    The variator automatic gearbox is more advanced. The principle of operation is radically different from hydromechanical. The design consists of two pulleys, which are connected together by a strong belt. One of the pulleys has the property of changing its diameter. As a result of switching speeds, as such, does not happen, the stroke becomes softer and smoother. The main disadvantage of this box is its high cost and complexity in servicing. Yes, and fuel consumption, in comparison with a simple machine, not much less.

    The crown of the creation of scientists, to date, is the robotic gearbox .This is the same mechanic, only the switching of speeds is controlled not by a person, but by a special electronic unit. With this system, switching is just perfect, the program easily calculates the moments for changing gear ratios, jerks during switchings are almost invisible. In this system, designers were able to combine the advantages of a mechanical gearbox and machine. Along with the problem-free starting and smooth running, the car with the "robot" can boast excellent dynamics and low fuel consumption.

    Thanks to the automatic transmission, it will be easier for you to move from the spot, as it is not necessary to catch the clutch: switch on the desired position of the gearbox and press on the gas - the car will immediately go smoothly. This "box" is an excellent option for novice drivers and for women.

    Here, perhaps, and all the major varieties of gearboxes, presented in the modern car market. The choice of this or that option depends, first of all, on the preferences of the car owner and the amount of money that he has - cars with automatic gearbox are much more expensive than models with "mechanics".It is important at least a little understanding of the features of the structure of the car, and properly dispose of this knowledge.