Stained glass windows: video lessons, photo of finished works and master classes

  • Stained glass windows: video lessons, photo of finished works and master classes

    To add interior prestige and uniqueness, often use stained glass, made on window and door glass. Photo below:

    Where it is possible to apply stained glass windows and how to create them, you can additionally read these video materials.

    This is very expensive if you buy them in stores, so we suggest you figure out how to make a stained glass yourself: the master class on all techniques will be carried out below. The work is laborious, requiring diligence and accuracy, but with all the rules in mind, the result will exceed all your expectations. There are several technologies for stained glass. This painting with paint or contour filler stained glass, film stained glass and typing stained glass Tiffany.

    Making contoured stained glass window

    The most, perhaps, simple method, which is often used at home - this is a contour jellied. Now, almost all shops for self-made goods sell special contours for glass, which relieve fuss with wire, as it was before. Quite a lot there are also stencils for drawings of different subjects. They can be found both in stores and downloaded on the Internet.

    1) Place the paper with a pattern under the glass. The glass must be pre-cleaned and degreased.

    2) Circle the silhouettes with a contour, if necessary, apply a different color.

    3) Wait until the contour dries, and begin to fill each element with paint. You can do this from a can or using a brush. It all depends on the size of the stained glass window and your personal convenience. When pouring it is not necessary to rush, when painting the element, it is better to wait until the neighboring colored part dries. This will allow the paints not to fade and not overlap.

    More detailed information on how to perform such stained glass on glass can be seen on this video:

    Creating a stained glass window in

    To assemble a film stained glass window is just as easy, more time to cut out a picture from a film.

    1) According to this technology, the contour is made using lead tape according to the same method as in the stained glass window.

    2) Instead of paints on the other side of the glass, a film coating is applied, photo.

    3) On the glued cover lay another tape.

    4) Joints are soldered with a soldering iron.

    This is a two-sided film stained glass window. If a one-way stained-glass window is required, for example, on a mirror, the first step can be omitted, and the contour can be applied using a special disappearing marker, which can be purchased at a specialized store.

    Tiffany style design

    The most complicated is Tiffany's stained glass window, which combines the elements of the jelly and film. In this video, a full master-class for its implementation was carried out:

    In short, the fabrication in Tiffany's technique consists in gluing pieces of glass. Previously, these pieces should not only be colored, but also cut out yourself with a stencil and glass. The manufacturing process is laborious and complex. Work requires not only good assiduity and accuracy, but also an accurate hand. At the same time, certain skills in working with glass are only welcome. For all the complexity, the result of the finished product will exceed all expectations, and such a stained-glass window will look no worse than work from professional designers who take a lot of money for their work.