• Accessories for shower and bath

    Agree, it's nice after a busy day's work to enjoy a relaxing bath or take a toning shower before an important meeting. Pamper yourself from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your hair will help you body care accessories - habitual sponges, loofers made from different materials, nail files to remove the coarse skin and the like necessary. ..


    The advantage of foam sponges is that theyquickly enough soap and keep a thick persistent foam. Sponges are ideal if you want to quickly wash yourself in the shower. They gently affect the skin, and therefore they can be used for all skin types, including sensitive ones. The lack of sponges is that they can not be used to cleanse the skin, they remove only the uppermost layer of contaminants. Therefore, it is better to use a sponge when you need to wash thoroughly, but rather for relaxation and massage. Bathing sponges come in various shapes. Before purchasing a sponge, make sure that it will be convenient for

    to hold it by presumably soapy or wet hands. Natural sponges are more expensive, but will last longer. After use, the sponge should be rinsed in warm clean water, then squeezed to dry more quickly.


    Washcloths, like sponges, are used for soaping the body, but unlike sponges, washcloths allow you to wash off deeper dirt from the body. Before buying a bast, you need to know what they are, because the quality of washing and the cosmetic effect depend on it.

    Fibers at the loofah are natural( mostly vegetable) and synthetic( viscose and nylon are included).The best washcloths are those made from natural plant materials.

    Washcloth from loofah( genus pumpkin).Among natural, such a sponge by right takes the first place. Lyufa can be either unripe or ripe. Unripe - soft, small size, so it is often used to wash children. But the matured loofah is thick, it has black grains. It is very often used by those people who prefer to rub the body intensively to remove impurities.

    To wash your loofah for a long time, after rinsing thoroughly rinse and dry it so it does not turn black and moldy. Do not wash it with vinegar or lemon juice, because for once living organisms this is too strong active ingredients.

    .These wads are the most traditional of all that people use. When steaming, the lime bast is soft and silky. If you regularly use such a loofah, the skin will acquire the same properties - softness and smoothness. In addition, lime fibers during the bath procedure give out phytoncides, which help in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. However, this type of bast is fraught with disadvantages: after their use in the bath remains a fairly large number of crumbled fibers. For this reason, it is recommended to drain the water through the grate on the drainage hole of the bath - to avoid clogging the drain.

    Nylon washcloths. Not the best option: although they are one of the most elastic and durable, but poorly absorb moisture. For this reason - if they are slightly harder to press - such bastards scratch the skin very hard.

    Washcloth from viscose fibers. They, unlike nylon, perfectly absorb water, while the touch is very soft and silky. And their downside, unfortunately, is that they are not strong enough, which significantly shortens their service life.

    Rubber wool with a handle. They are perfect for you, if you decide to fight cellulite.

    The shape and size of the wool is also very different. If you are uncomfortable to wash your back on your own, and you will not be helped by anyone, you will get a long sponge - it will allow you not only to reach the zone between the shoulder blades, but also quickly wash other parts of the body, for example, legs. If you like to thoroughly wash each piece of your body and dabble in the bathroom for a long time, and if you can easily reach your back, you can buy a small ball-shaped washcloth. If you like to rub yourself, then buy yourself a knitted woolcloth-tourniquet;at the same time, consider: the more large the binding, the coarser the effect of the bast.

    Know that the possessor of sensitive skin is better to refuse coarse rubbing with a washcloth. All the rest, it will only benefit.

    According to hygiene regulations, each member of the family must have their own washcloth. After applying it should

    is well washed in warm water and allowed to dry, hanging on the clothesline. Change the loofah for a new one is recommended every six months, without waiting until it completely consumes its resource.


    This is a special tool consisting of a very porous volcanic rock. Pumice is used to remove the rough skin on the feet, elbows, knees. Pumice is of different porosity - smaller and larger. The harder the skin becomes, the more porosity is required for pumice.

    The natural color of pumice is gray, but some manufacturers paint the pumice stone in order to give it a more attractive appearance, in pink, blue, yellow colors.

    Pumice is best used after you are soaped. To do this, you need to take a piece of pumice stone and rub them the hardened skin areas with smooth circular motions. Do not rub too hard not to injure the skin. Use pumice rather slowly, but often. Periodically, it is necessary to clean the pumice stone with a special brush to clean its pores of dirt.


    For bathing, of course, there should be several towels: one for the face, the second for the feet, the third, the largest, for the body, the fourth for intimate hygiene. Women on critical days for intimate hygiene are advised to use a separate towel reserved for these periods.

    Buying a towel, it is better to give preference to terry - it absorbs moisture better and pleasantly to the touch. It is desirable that the towel was made of cotton or had a high content of cotton - otherwise it will slide over the skin and very poorly absorb moisture.