How to make mastic for a cake by own hands( on an example of a bear cub)

  • How to make mastic for a cake by own hands( on an example of a bear cub)

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    The cake decorated with mastic is considered to be the king of the feast, however, it is not always taken for making this mass, considering it to be incredibly complex. In this master class on how to make mastic for a cake with your own hands, we will try to debunk this myth. The components for the mastic are amazing with their variety: you can use chocolate, condensed milk, make it from marshmallow( analogous to pastilles, and if you remember American films or cartoons, there it is often fried at bonfires), butter, citric acid, marshmallow,e. As a result, we will get such a bear cub.


    1) 1 packet( 200 g) marshmallow( or chewing marshmallow, call it as you prefer),

    2) about 250 grams of powdered sugar( the smaller the powder, the more uniform and silky the mastic will be),

    3)2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice or one butter,

    4) food colors( for color mastic),

    5) powdered sieve for powdered sugar,

    6) 2 teaspoons of butter.

    Photo of components:

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    1) put marshmallow, lemon juice and butter in a microwave for 20 seconds( maximum power).

    2) divide the mass into several parts and add the dye to each of them( you can also add flavor, although the smell of the mastic and without it is very pleasant)

    3) we share the finished mastic and sculpt the planned( for example, flowers, in our case -roses)

    But you can make not only roses, but, for example, a wonderful bear:

    It can be made even at home! You will not believe it, but it's really simple!

    For a bear you will need:

    1. Mastic( in this case - blue, white and black, but the color range depends only on your desire).

    2. Toothpick.

    3. Manicure scissors.

    4. Water.

    5. Brush.


    1. Roll the ball - the head of a bear.

    2. Now take a smaller ball of white mastic, give it a conical shape and glue it to the head - it will be a nose.

    3. It's the turn of the ears. As with the bear's head, take the blue mastic, attach the white ball to it, as shown in the picture, and let it dry for ten minutes.

    4. Roll the ball-body( 2: 1 body: head) and make it slightly flattened on the sides( to make it more convenient to attach the paws).

    5. Add a snow-white puziko.

    6. Now we pass to the most difficult and responsible part: to the paws. We roll sausages, we leave them thicker on one side. With the thickened side slightly bend and give a suitable shape( remember that the sausages should be about the same!).

    Lower legs.


    7. And now we glue the bear.

    8. For the head to stick properly, stick the toothpick into the carcass of the bears and fix the head on it.

    Congratulations, our bear is ready!

    Video on this subject:

    But you can still make booties made of mastic, crowns, yes, anything! And the videos attached to the master class will help in this.