How to choose a lamp - types of outdoor and indoor lighting fixtures

  • How to choose a lamp - types of outdoor and indoor lighting fixtures

    A person's life changed very abruptly after the invention of an incandescent lamp in the late 19th century. You, a man of the 21st century, can imagine life without electric lighting? I think no! Of course, dinner by candlelight is very romantic, but modern man without the quality lighting of his home and office is just nowhere.

    For correct, non-cutting and not tiring eye lighting, you need to carefully choose a lamp.

    How to choose a lamp for outdoor lighting at home

    In order for your house and the courtyard to look attractive at any time of the day, you need to intelligently plan the lighting system. Of course, you can hang an ordinary lantern and calm down on it, but how sad and dull it will look! Let's show imagination and make your house the most visible in the district. If the creative is not enough, then you can invite designers - lighting specialists. They will definitely help you.

    If your house is decorated in a classic style, then for lighting you will fit lamps "antique".For a house or villa, designed according to a modern design, you can install lamps in the style of "high-tech".

    What are the criteria for choosing a street light? Of course, it is necessary to take into account the degree of its protection against the penetration of water and various foreign bodies. To indicate the degree of protection from harmful environmental factors, a special code system is used - Ingress Protection. The minimum value for street lights is IP, equal to 54. Be sure to clarify this parameter from the seller. Also pay attention to the material of which the lamp and its cover are made. For the manufacture of outdoor fixtures use aluminum or stainless steel. And from above, in order to protect the product from changes in temperature and humidity, the metal is chrome plated and powder-colored.

    How to choose a lamp for the house

    In order to create a particularly cozy atmosphere in your house, it is important to choose good artificial lighting. You can play a little with the light:

    • Lamps of red and orange tones cause excitement and energy.
    • Lamps in greenish and beige tones have a calming effect, they are adjusted to rest.
    • Bright white and yellow tones give a feeling of celebration and special solemnity.

    With the help of competent organized lighting it is possible to create various spatial effects:

    • To visually raise the ceiling, it should be illuminated by its lamps, the light of which is directed upwards.
    • To visually expand the space, you need to properly illuminate the walls of the room.

    If you want to choose the right lamp for your home, you need to first determine - for what purposes and in what room it will be used.

    For the living room, the largest room in the apartment, a ceiling chandelier with several shades will be appropriate. To create in the corner of the living room a working place or a place for reading, you can hang a wall or put a floor lamp next to a sofa or an armchair on the wall.

    Sconce will also harmoniously fit into the interior of the hallway. Sconce, for example, can be used to illuminate a mirror or a picture on the wall.

    The ceiling lamp with an adjustable cord length is most suitable for a kitchen. It can be a cozy lamp with a large woven lampshade or a lamp with two or three shades.

    If the house has small children, you can please them by hanging a lamp in the form of a fairy-tale character in the children's room. Please note that the lighting in the children's room should be bright enough, but soft.

    For a bedroom where bright light is almost not needed, it is wiser to purchase a chandelier with a lighting control. This will allow you, if desired, to create in the bedroom an intimate twilight.

    How to choose a fixture for the office

    Almost certainly to work at your desk, both in the office and at home, you will need a table lamp. What parameters should a table lamp have for work? First of all, it should give sufficient illumination of the working space, and also its light should not tire the eye. Optimum option will be a working lamp with a fluorescent( energy-saving) light bulb with a high degree of pulsation. The degree of pulsation of such a bulb should be at least 20,000 HZ.Otherwise, your eyes will be bored with constant flicker. The design of the working lamp is also important. But this, as they say, is a matter of taste. It is desirable only that the desk lamp has a height adjustment function. When working at the desk, you need to consider that reading or writing with the lamp alone alone is harmful to the eyes, since the difference in the levels of illumination creates additional stress. Combine different types of lighting - this will create a favorable atmosphere for the eyes.