Masks for the face from acne: recipes of the most famous and effective masks

  • Masks for the face from acne: recipes of the most famous and effective masks

    With the problem of acne, first of all, go to a consultation with a doctor. Acne can be caused by internal diseases, in which case no mask will save you from this problem. And if acne in you are caused by purely cosmetic problems, then the masks will help you.

    First of all, you need to competently treat your skin. Nothing complicated in this. It is necessary to consistently perform three items: cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition. For each skin type, there are ways to do this. Therefore, to choose masks that promote the removal of acne, you need only for your skin type.

    Today we will tell you how to make facial masks from acne, recipes at home.

    How to make cleansing mask of soda

    The simplest means for cleansing and softening the skin of the face is ordinary baking soda. Dislodge soda with water to make a gruel from soda. For this water you need very little. Do it right in the palm of your hand, a lot of the mixture is not needed. Gently apply a mask on your face. Then you can do your own business. When the mask dries, wash the soda from the face with water.

    Any mask should be used very carefully. Your skin is sensitive to any irritant and responds to the negative effects of an abundance of pimples. Therefore, after applying each mask, see the response of the skin. If the mask does not cause unpleasant sensations, irritation or allergies, then you can continue to apply it.

    Masks from eggs

    It has long been known the property of egg white when drying shrink the surface. Therefore, the protein mask tightens the pores well.

    Whisk the egg whites into a thick foam and apply to a cleansed face. Wait until the protein dries. After that, the mask can be washed off.

    Egg yolk will help the early healing of acne scars. To do this, make a gruel from the egg yolk, hard-boiled, and apply to the places where there are open pimples.

    Similar masks are very easy to prepare. Their main action is cleansing, healing and soothing. Their regular use will help you get rid of acne in a short time, of course, if acne is not a consequence of an internal disease.

    Mask of carrot and turnip

    Unique in its composition mask of carrots and turnips. Turnip has excellent cleansing properties, and carrots contain a large amount of vitamin A, which is important for the skin.

    The mask is prepared from boiled vegetables, which must be kneaded to a homogeneous consistency. A warm mass should be applied to the skin, take a horizontal position and hold it for 15-20 minutes. After that, the mixture against acne should be washed off with milk or warm water.

    Already after the first procedure you will feel the difference: the skin will be clean, it will look fresh and clean, with a noble matte shade.

    Mask made of chamomile and calendula

    Mask is ideal for those who suffer from increased salivation, so it is recommended for all those who have a fat type of skin. For this procedure, buy in the pharmacy the infusion of calendula, dilute it with infusion of chamomile, in the proportion: 1 tablespoon of marigold for 0,5 cups of chamomile.

    Further in the received liquid lower the gauze napkin, blot it, put on the face for 20-30 minutes. After that, you can take off the gauze napkin and wash your face with warm boiled water!

    Important: it is desirable that the infusion is warm, and the procedure itself was carried out after a shower or a bath. After such a procedure, inflammation foci are markedly reduced, acne dries up, and the skin becomes smooth, velvety, pleasant to the touch.

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