How to make lizuna from water, soda, shampoo or glue: video

  • How to make lizuna from water, soda, shampoo or glue: video

    Lizun - a toy, many known since childhood. Bright, sticky, strange - it is impossible that she did not like. Now it's quite difficult to buy a lizun, but it is possible - and even much more interesting!- cook it at home. On how to make lizuna from water and other ingredients, and tells this article.

    Toy's story

    The American company "Matell", having conducted a market research in the distant 1976, found out that the children would like Velcro, with which it would be possible to play. The novelty did not immediately gain popularity, the company had to conduct a serious advertising campaign, but even after 8 years of special success they did not achieve.

    Everything changed after the release of the film, and after the animated series "Ghostbusters", where one of the heroes is a charming lizun monster - funny, gluttonous, but incredibly charming. He quickly became an idol of children, and sales of sticky toys rose sharply.

    From starch

    The simplest recipe: lime is prepared by

    only from water and starch. The toy turns out safe and thus it is very simple in manufacturing.

    You will need:

    • water - 200 ml;
    • starch - 200 g.

    You can use a measuring cup or a conventional cup to measure the amount - the main thing is that the ingredients have an equal amount.

    We mix them well in a bowl. It turns out lizun. To make it colored, you can add a green, paint or food color of any color.

    Another option to make a lizuna at home. It is more expensive, but worth it.

    It is necessary: ​​

    • 1/4 cup PVA;
    • 1/3 cup liquid starch;
    • dye;
    • plastic bag.

    Liquid starch is poured into the dishes, we add the dye and thoroughly interfere until the color is completely homogeneous. When the Lizun is almost ready, add PVA, again mix well. Mass poured into a bag and sent to the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.

    From the shampoo

    The next prescription of the lime is made of water and shampoo without PVA glue. In it, we need a polymer glue "Titan" or "Dragon".The proportions are as follows:

    • glue "Titan" - 300 ml;
    • shampoo( the cheapest will do) - 200 ml.

    Mix the ingredients and get a quality lick. You can also add a dye if the shampoo is colorless by itself.

    Chemical lizun

    For the manufacture of lizuna according to this recipe you need to buy "chemistry" in advance in the pharmacy - sodium tetraborate 4%.It is sold without a prescription. You will also need dyes and PVA glue - 100 ml.

    In plastic utensils we pour glue. We add green, gouache or any other color. With a stick or fork, mix the mass until it is uniform. In it we add the whole bottle, bought in the pharmacy. Again, stir.

    When it becomes difficult to stir with a stick, put on medical gloves and knead the mass manually.

    Another "joy of a chemist" - lizun from water and soda. This toy will appeal to everyone who likes to experiment with ordinary, surrounding objects and substances.

    It will take:

    • a quarter of a glass of PVA;
    • 2 tbsp.l.soda ash( the one for washing);
    • water;
    • dye.

    In the dishes pour glue and another quarter of a glass of water.15 minutes mix well. After that, add the dye and mix again. Next will be soda - send it to the dishes. We finally mix all the ingredients. After that, the toy is ready!

    Edible lizard

    To lovers of sweet is dedicated. Take for confectionery:

    • evaporated milk unvaccinated - 1 pot;
    • cornstarch - 1 tbsp.l.;
    • food coloring.

    In a saucepan pour the condensed milk, add the starch. Then put on the fire and cook on low heat until desolation, stirring constantly. After that, we remove from the fire and add food( necessarily!) Dye.

    After that you can eat or play it. Agree that even if you take not just read, and study the cookbook, it is unlikely to find in it this recipe.

    Video selection

    It remains to watch a video about how to make a lizuna to become a real pro in this business: