What drugs help to lose weight quickly and without consequences: tips, what supplements to drink to lose weight

  • What drugs help to lose weight quickly and without consequences: tips, what supplements to drink to lose weight

    Probably, every woman at least once in her life thought about the problem of excess weight.

    In today's world, many people consider a pill to be a panacea for all problems. Here and begins a mess in my head: what additives to drink? Or maybe a tablet? No, no, the diet is not for me, I have no willpower. Or the other extreme: a rigid diet that goes on a hunger strike, and then a breakdown and a set of previously lost weight, and even with an additive. And then: well, on a diet, I was already sitting, I'll try something now to drink.

    In order to answer the question: what medications help you lose weight quickly and without consequences, first you need to review the tools that have been most popular recently. All "fat burners" can be divided into two large groups: tablets and dietary supplements. Below we will discuss them in more detail.


    Very popular pharmaceutical for weight loss in the Russian market. Affecting the brain's nerve receptors, reduces appetite and promotes the production of serotonin, improves metabolism and splits fat stores.

    As a side effect, heart rate increases, pressure increases.

    Contraindicated in people who have high blood pressure, heart disease, endocrine disorders and vascular problems.


    Prevents the absorption and absorption of food consumed with food.

    Side effect: flatulence, diarrhea, intestinal and gastric spasms.

    Contraindications: a violation of bile formation, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.


    Also acts like Xenical.

    Side effect: as in Xenical. Adds headache, anxiety and apathy.

    Contraindications: correspond to Xenical's contraindications.


    Analog of dietary fiber. Swells in the stomach, when removed, "snatches" toxins with it, clearing the body.

    Side effect: spasms in the abdomen.

    Contraindications: Digestive disorders.


    BAD, which has a pronounced laxative and diuretic effect. Available in various forms: capsules, tea and liquid concentrate. Due to the increased excretion of fluid, negatively affecting the body as a whole, useful bacteria are lost from the intestine, heart rate is increasing.


    Acts as Reduxin, affects the production of serotonin and norepinephrine.

    Among the side effects: disruption of the digestive tract, insomnia, headaches, hypertension.

    Contraindicated in people with heart and vascular disease, high blood pressure, with mental illness and alcoholism. IMPORTANT!Very emotional people can provoke mental disorders.


    BAD, which, according to numerous reviews of consumers, causes many side effects: a disorder of the digestive tract, nervous overexcitation, headaches.

    Among the contraindications: heart disease, mental illness.

    Thai tablets

    Despite the fact that there were no skilled craftsmen able to translate their composition and mechanism of action into Russian, it is still known that they contain analogues of amphetamine. Amphetamine is a narcotic substance and its use can lead to addiction.

    Contraindications: Thai tablets, in principle, are contraindicated.


    Summarizing the above, and choosing which drugs really help to lose weight, you can say this: all of the above, but at the cost of your health. Doubts are, perhaps, only Leah, since so many people are distressed that they lost only 500-800 grams per month with her help.

    Currently, there are absolutely safe drugs that help to lose weight . Really help can only natural products that improve metabolism, active lifestyles and positive thoughts.

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